Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy but ALIVE

Heyylo peeps ;)

Here's an update

I'm terribly sorry for :

- the lack of entries
- the very few that have yet to receive their customised trexis
- people I'm supposed to hang out with

- people i'm supposed to be trading stix with
- And lastly to the people who buzzed me whether by phone or mail or on msn whatever but didn't get their replies from me.

I still love you'all don't worry... So please continue to show me some love. Thanks for the patience yeah ;)

SO... I've been crazy busy with my school project. Haven't really got time to think about anything else. Been sleeping at 6am and waking at about 10am up down left right. yeah my mind and body is full of shities and stuffies. and yeah it's baddd.

I just pretty much hope that my effort would reap some good stuff out.

So for me, it all ends this sunday. No more havin to futz with hamsters and hang out at Clarke Quay. Yeah sunday because I've still got to design the movie tickets for movie sunday.

Alrighty, here's some of the stuff that I've been up to.

Yeah they're really small because i don't want people seeing the final stuff yet. It's not a blogger problem. It's not your problem or mine. So don't bug me about it.

Say cheese :D

You've gotta take life easy sometimes... only then will you be well on your way.
That's when you kick ass.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Image courtesy - WANGG

Thanks wangg for the pic :)

Friday, August 10, 2007


I really do love reflecting.

This is NOT a PHOTOMANIP. It isn't my phone's wallpaper as well. The statement is an actual reflection from a separate source.

show some love


Monday, August 6, 2007


Today, I saw boredom comin'.
He was huge and he always wears dull blue. He never changes his clothes.

I hate boredom.

Boredom wanted to play with me. I didn't want to play with boredom.
I wanted to run off. But I didn't know where the hell to run to.
Boredom is fast. Faster than me.
And so boredom caught up.
Boredom doesn't knock at my door. Boredom just enters.
I hate boredom.

So I got out my weapons.
If boredom wants a war, I'll give boredom war.

I won boredom.

With nothing but a marker.


On the way!

Stickers freshly cut! HOT HOT HOT~

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Going Traditional

Gouache, spray paint and copic marker on A4 cardboard.

I was inspired by sooo many artists when I did this work.


o_O OMG.... LOOOK!
I was packing the table cos new furniture was comin' in when I found it.
HOLY......... I remembered wrapping some coins up weeks ago and I thought it was looonnng gone but LO AND BEHOLD THERE IT WAS!

I tore the stuff open AND WOW WOW WEE WEE......

...$3.60...! (better than nothin')

And yeah I'll be gettin' more money in no time after I finish customs for THREE TREXIS!
THANK YOU and keep checkin' in!

Thanks thanks for the support :D

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Support Support

Hey hey hey

Allow me to make a short announcement:


Yeah and I'll draw or customise or design... for FOOD.
I've got a mere 85cents in my wallet. Can anyone give me stuff to futz with? Slip ons? Trexis? Munnys? Dunnys? Bear Qees? Labbits? Mad'Ls? commisssssion? argh.( No shirt designing please)

Yeah I am THAT broke :(

So here's something I'm currently workin on :

Yup yup they're illustrations for a children's picture booook! LOL

Show some love.. ;)