Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Yet another insane combo by billykid.

Billi Kid's contribution to Outside In at the Carlton Arms hotel. If you're in town on November 1, stop by The Carlton Arms Hotel NYC to see how CERN YMI, Jim and Karla Murray, Elisha Cook Jr. and Billi Kid mix it up in a hotel room. Too bad I can't.

FULLVIEWWW GOODNESS. I've got two stickers there. Spot if you wanna! XD

Another thing, I wanna thank whoever keeps sending my stickers in for me to events such as these. I didn't know until I saw this mad combo and it made me feel really happpy. Thank youu so much. It means alot. Even though my stickers there look really small and irrelevant, it's still good to see something there from me.

Thanks to billykid for the pasteups!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

HCF X 7-AD and some LOVE

Here's a sweet collab between hardcorefudge and me.

This image above here is slightly different from the final one we did. I didn't post the original anywhere else so that he can post it instead if he wants to. I'll just show a link if ever he puts it up somewhere.

The difference would be the Mobos at the background. They've got a higher opacity as compared to this. Also the figure at the front is lighter in the final piece.
Lastly, apart from smaller details, in the final, there's the small description of the Mobo Movement which he added in. So kind hahahhaa :)

In the image above, HCF worked on the foreground (the figure) while I did the background.
In the final he helped out on the background.

I had losta fun working on this simple and fairly quick collab. It was definitely exciting because I had 4 collabs going on at that time. Working under pressure was cool. Now I've got 5 collabs left. 2 fellas hit me up last night and last friday(i think). Ah whatever do the math.

I'll post them up when I feel like it.

Another thing. I AM SORRRRY for the mailing delay. I've got stuff happening around me. I'll be mailing them stickers on MONDAY MORNING. If not, Wednesday. Promise.


When people say I'm inspirational and influential, I fall to the ground. I don't take praises very well and there's no expressing how much words like that actually mean to me.
Especially when they come from people I don't know who visit my blog and send me lovely mails just telling me what my works mean to them and how they've started picking up what I do. Especially stickers and such. To pick it up from somewhere is a different story. To pick it up from me, that's just wow. Same goes for selling customs online.
Everything I do now was inspired by someone. And for people who've been inspired by me, it's reallly crazy and I know what it feels like since I've got some mad artists crushes myself.

Even though I've only had such motivational mails about 6 times or so(yes I count) in my 10 months of keeping this blog, I'm still grateful for the fact that what I do inspires others to do the same.
I know I sound like i just got an emmy award, which is not the case. I just thought i'd say this because stuff like this really make my day. I received one more mail today and... really, i can't take such love anymore

So here's a shout out to anyone in the world who supports what I do, enjoys my art, sends me mails that keep me going, or who just visits my blog for the sake of it;


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Bringing together all street artists from around the globe to show diversity, artistic vision, and coming together to form the worlds largest themed sticker combo to Chicago.
To keep the theme of the combo, all participants are to send in their best work ( whether it be painted, printed, drawn, or stenciled) on a USPS postal label.
If you don't have USPS stickers, order them from USPS.com (US residents only) or visit your United States post office and snag a few.

If however you STILL can't get them, then design your sticker on a 4x5 inch sticker and saro, the dude who organised this project will stick it on a postal for you.

In addition to the world record combo, there will be photo documentation of the preperation, process, and final outcome of the project. These photos will include closeups of several artists' stickers, printed in lage format and might eventually make it to a local Chicago gallery and possibly in a bound book. If all goes as planned, it would be a fusion of street art and photography for the world to see.

So if you would like to be a part of this high caliber project, FLICKR MAIL SARO for the address to get your sticker sent to by clicking
HERE or send ME, 7-ad, an email.

For any other further information, you can also flickrmail Mirian Vz.


BeBeAzul's new lappy.

LazyNachos, Halo Bender, OBEY, Xnhungx, 7-ad, Silent


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Checkk this. I never thought I could be part of this.
It's a GRAND INSTALLATION on the wall at 567 Mass Ave, Cambridge, in the heart of Central Square.

It's sad that i can only see my sticker from a computer screen instead of being there for real.
Find my sticker if you want. It's just going to take you alot of time because it's small. But who cares? It's there and I'm gladd :)
First person to spot it gets extra stickers from me. HAHAHHA. I'm kiddin.

Some dude checks out the details in Billi Kid's contribution to Hargo's Wall At Central Square.

There were over 500 stickers in this crazy combo by Billi Kid.

I just had to post twice tonight because I really wanted to share this with you. I'm honestly really proud that my stix are exhibited there whether they're big or small.

Thank you Billi Kid.

An update for now


So I've finally found some free time to blog. I've been doing collabs after collabs. Some of them from the holidays until now. I've got 4 more left. Sorry if I seem to take my time throwing the pieces back to you guys, it's just that i'm reallly busy now that school has officially started, tutorials and lectures altogether.

So here's some good news for you.

Printed on Sundayy. Try to get yours early because I don't knnow when's the next time I can print them again. Email me your house address for a trade and I'll reply as soon as I can. You might want to read here if you're not sure of the trading process.

Okay here's a load of eye candy, stickers I received this morning and just tonight:

OH, NO! JOHN! First pack i got for today.
They're everywhere. Trust me.
Check here if you don't believe me. Lmao.
Plus the note I got that came in the pack, IS VERY UBER CUTE.

Second pack I got today by Cheryl Kook. I commissioned her to do em for me.
A theme of 'creatures in her head'.
If these are really creatures in her head, then WOW. hahaha :D

Pack I got just tonight when I got home by 14bolt.
Been waiting really eagerly for them because his works are just AMAZING!

My 6 years in track and field of course I can still remember the phrase. wowowow.

Another pack. By epikgraphics.

Sorry I just had to blur the naked ladies.
This blog is safe for children, no worries.
I would'nt have blurred it though if blogger had the "grey box censorship mature content thing" that dA USED to have. sad.

This one I got tonight as well sent together with 14bolt's pack.
Stickers by countless other artists and sticker traders, some of em, sadly, I cannot remember.
Sorrry but thank youu for them. They're beautiful. really :)


My mom just P.L.U.S.H.E.D another Mobo for me. Will upload a picture when i feel like it.


Also, remember to get your stickers FAST. LATEST requests by mid Nov.
Of course you can still get yours next time but I'm not sure when that will be. When I run out of stickers I'll still save your address so I can send them in the next time I print them again.
So you don't have to worry like that :)


AND another thing, send in your stickers so I can get them to Japan by END OCTOBER. I've got about 20 packs so far. Send them in this week please so that they can be mailed to me on time. Need time to get them ready into combos.


Lastly, I'm still kinda stoked that I'm receiving many emails even after I did the Sticker FAQ.
I had 99 emails after just 3 days of not checking.(I even did a printscreen XD)

Okay so some of them were house addresses which is perfectly fine and goood.
But the rest....... T_T

Are you all mad or..?
Ah well, I love you crazy people. wahahahhahahhahaaaa
Just check the section of More about ME! in future. Thank youuu yeah :D

'happy guys.


Friday, October 19, 2007


Ehh new scanner. Couldn't help posting some quick sketches. I've got a few more, about 8 or so done durin the school hols so i thought i'd just post something before i start gettin reeeally busy :)

Ref used.

Anywayy, Hope i still have time to print some stickers for trades. I'm running out of stix and money. And I thoroughly envy people with waterproof ink printers at home hmm XD
I have yet to buy Computer Arts Projects.

Oh and to some of you guys who might be interesteddd, Nik Ainley aka shinybinary's works was featured in issue 91. Showed how he did abit of his stuff here and there.
Sorry I don't mean to promote his art here, but I can't help it after the lecturer showed his art to us. I've been in love with his works since about 2005. Watched his stuff everyday after.

I'm supposed to upload somemore sticker pasteups but i'm lazy to edit them so some other day. Thanks to the respective traders for the slappin and flix.

When you're down, look around and you'll see,
I am with you.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mailbox surprise

Check out what I found in the mailbox today:

It's the best thing in the world. Almost 90 stickers. Plus there were badges.
Plus guess what?
It wasn't even a sticker trade. GIFTS!
Never felt so good on a rainy day!

I just NEED to get him something since I've always been quite hysterical over his works.

And I've printed more stickers today. Cheryl that means I can trade with you. Those who like my stix, mail me for a trade. MAIL and don't do anything else thanks.

Also, I've received several emails in spanish and french and german and whatever. I HAVE NO IDEA what you guys are saying. I can only recognise an address obviously because of the numbers and country like for example:

santiago chile.

And whatever else you guys wrote in the email, I cannot understand. I only understand basic stuff like "cambio de stickers" or "echange stickers" or "handel stickers" and whatever words that can gimme a clue that you'd like to trade with me. But when you peeps type long sentences and want me to try to understand them, I really can't do anything. I know it's not your fault we don't speak the same language and stuff. Try to keep your sentences short. Maybe I can understand better.

It's fine if you wish to type in spanish because a friend can help translate that but... french, german etc.... hard. And google doesn't help much :(

And ONE more thing, I'm sorry if I might sound like I'm really unfriendly, but at the meantime I'd appreciate it if you guys don't add me on msn UNLESS you wanna talk to me about art related stuff and not because you wanna know me personally. Do email me for stickers and such but don't ADD me on msn to talk about anything unrelated to art, maybe next time when I actually know some of you people better.

Art is fine. I would really like to meet more people with a similar passion but please, nothing else unless I'm familiar with you. Thanks and sorry.

Thanks again gene and gary dinosaur for the company at sunshine plaza :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Lare's crazy deck!
Image and stickups by Lare.

Stickers by:
caspa, king tie, ponz, lazynachos, orticanoodles, fame-us, spin, safe, nano, riot68, drype, lare, boris, theory propaganda, 7-ad, 2tone, a-fg, catv, bytedust, 14bolt, biafra, omni, anybody can do it.

My mom helped ALOT. I didn't do much. Cut here and there. Tried sewing here and there.
It's about 3.5" in length.

Just a prototype. Haven't done this before. Hopefully, it'll get easier after getting the hang of it.


Shall see how the next one goes, so stay TUNED.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Love thy pangolin

New sticker set. (no, the snapple bottle cap isn't a sticker. it's just to compare sizes.)

Ah i went through trouble at the post office. It was horrrible.
To keep a looong story short, the post office's main door closed because they thought nobody else was inside.
I ended up exploring the place for another exit and next thing I knew, I was in the HUGE and busy room (STAFF ONLY) where they sort out the envelopes and mails.

It was really kinda huge that when i opened the door and just stood at the doorway, nobody noticed me. Staff were running about doing their stuff, it was crazy.

Of course that gave me the opportunity to find the exit and get out of the post office by the back which really was meant for the staff.

Yet another mail i got from Japan! So cute.
Will be adding some stickers he sent into my blackbook.

Also, I got so inspired by an artist today I feel I MIGHT just be getting the creative juices back and getting characters out of my brain!
PLUS, caleb my buddeh showed me some of his magic of story telling. SO there. I WILL, MUST, SHALL write the greatest story ever told for my future creatures (hopefully better than caleb).
No, really.

Watch this space PLEASE guys!

Because Mobo's gonna be PLUSHED VERY SOON!

Please don't notice me anymore. Wanna just be as invisible as I was before.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Owe them

Thanks wangg for the slaps and pic.

And thanks to Gene, Gary and Nick for today.

Tired and horrible.

Also, school starts on Monday. I'll be posting less.


My Blackbook


Tigapics, Know It Nothing, KGB, Phooker, Lazy Nachos

Left page: Tigapics
Right: =2tone=

Love from tigapics collective.

Okay time for the tag thing.

1. Post these rules in your journal so others know how it works.
2. Post 8 random facts about yourself in your blog.
3. At the end of your post, tag 8 more people to learn some random things about.
4. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

Tagged by Gary, Jo, Jason and Steph... T_T

1. I let my dogs seal the envelopes and lick the stamps sometimes when i'm mailing stuff.

2. I have a stalker and i have no idea who he is. He follows me around my estate.

3. I just learnt that people who often suffer heartbreaks are more likely to get heart attacks. i think.

4. I'm multi tasking now. Blogging, on the phone, msn-ing, replying mails and notes, watching tv, thinking of 4 more other random facts. All this while carrying my dog.

5. I like to read. I've already read 24 Literature books this year(so far). About 45o pages in average per book. But they're not like Macbeth and such.

6. I like people who live for the moment, know how to chill and never ever seem to feel sad or angry. People who know how to live and laugh. Crazy people ^^

7. I'd go back to Philippines anytime even if it means taking a million more jabs for hepatitis A or B or C or whatever typhoid fever jab.

8. Finally. I started blogging at 11.15pm and it's 12.46 now.

I tag whoever likes getting tagged for whatever reason.

Hey one more thing, Mobo plushie in the making!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Love from =2tone=

I'm guessin the place is somewhere in Fresno, California USA.
Somewhere only we knoww.... wherever.

Kandycore, Lazy Nachos, Riton, =2 Tone=, Bytedust, Riot 68, 14 Bolt, 7-ad, C.13, Tigapics, Obey, Nhung, Theory, Mr. Tar, Lare

Flick by =2tone= (Edited a little cos the image was kinda blue, he took it in the morning)

NEXT STOP. JAPAN! Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyoto, I don't know!

Ah i wanna go find the snow monkey there. I say they're friggin ADORABLE.

Oh and....
If you'all wanna get your stuff there, mail me your stix! (Email me for my address.)
Hurry because I'm not entertaining late stuff. I'll pack and go. Send in by END OCTOBER please! ;)

Cheerz matez,
Thankz matez,

Peaze OUTZ matez!
*Ah words from my D-D-DOPE bro.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Bowling Green, Kentucky
Flick & slapped by Deremony.

Riot68, Orticanoodles, 7-AD, Nature Strikes Back, Crisis Project, Bell, Spaz, Theory Propoganda, We Are Watching, 2-tone, C-13, Space, Radioactive Man, 14bolt, Mump, THS, Ciah, BillikidBrand, VLT crew.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

An enjoyable day is an exhausting day

Mine's the one right on top
It's stencilled quite some time ago.
And It Sucks.

Be mailing the packs tomorrow.
I need to learn to organise my stickers :(
PLUS I'm not done with sorting the packs out.

Sweet place.
Candles help your soul.
Sort of.

Been busy lately.
I've only got time to muck about at night. argh.
I know i'm gonna have to go slower in my trades when school starts.
Now here's the rundown:
i'll be starting on animation fundamentals T_T
I can just feeel myself staring blankly at maya and 3DStudioMax.
I'll need some help from the "pro kias" who tell me it's hard as hell but end up doin so well and i have NO IDEA why eh :D

Argh LAZY. I'm a lazy girl.

So i'm gonna promise myself here that i WILL send out stickers tomorrow. The picture above are a few packs i'm sending out.
I'll try to finish writing the addresses @!$% so that i can send out even more tomorrow.
The more the merrier. whatever.

I am beat. And everytime i try to type 'ideas', my fingers type the word 'dead'. So guys, maybe I shan't cycle tomorrow (how's that for an excuse?) :D

Oh yeah, before i out, just wanna inform you all that i might just give this blog a hold. Like maybe post 2wice or 3rice a month. Because... it's hard to manage the notes sent to my dA account, new emails(IN 3 ACCOUNTS!), and the flickrmails altogether. It's like... i've got to run through about 5 places to collect the addresses etc...
..... lazy...

Okay? sorrrrry XD


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cumberland RI

Image courtesy: BENNEDETTO
USA, Cumberland Rhode Island

Thanks BENN for the flick :)