Sunday, July 6, 2008

Children Of Cambodia

Designed by : My older brother
Photographed by (handphone shot): My younger brother
Model: Me
Project: Children Of Cambodia

Printed on 500 shirts for little stuff toy bears and some humans to wear.

It even has my chinese name on.
And the little logo at the top right is exclusive.

Awesome not?
What's next? What's next?

Kura tangata

Background image by Akshay Mahajan

Do check his flickr page too.

Anyway, kia ora guys.
I've a top top top project at hand now, keeping me busy but definitely bringing in abit of cashies.
My mondays, tuesdays and fridays gonna get abit chaotic.
No more Friday worker.
Let's hope I can juggle school and work, better still, do a damn good job at both.

Also, did an interview few weeks ago for a friend. Part of his school project to do an art magazine.
Will probably create a link so you guys can check out if you want.
No biggie.
It's manakore.

But anyway, above is a visual I did to be printed as a poster.
I think my added text doesn't do much justice to the photograph.
But this was fun and you wouldn't be able to get it.

India calls.