Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TIME for...

My Time Magazine came in the mail yesterday...
Check out my little pink Mobo chilling with Obama!

Word from billikid:
Special thanks to Zoltron and all you boys and girls who have traded stickers with me. This beautiful collage would not exist without you.

I personally think this collage wouldn't have existed if not for YOU.
Awesome stuff. Thank you BK!

And happy christmas to all!
Hope to get more exciting stuff coming in the new yearrr.

Friday, November 28, 2008


A collaboration between 56 international artists from all over the world.
Limited Edition.
(And it's just 9$ not including shipping)

Purchase to be made within the next 15hours.
(That's based on the current time of this post. The above is just a screenshot I did earlier on in the day.)

The money collected will be used to raise funds for MOVEMBER, a charity that's helping to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer which claims the lives of many men each year all over the world.

Check out the different artists who contributed in the making of this tee at

PS. Just in case you're looking for the original work that I contributed as part of the tee design above, you won't see it here, because I've stopped posting raw digital artworks on this blog.

Thank you all for the many opportunities and also the support.

Greatly, greatly appreciated.

Next off, the festival is coming uppppp.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hello all,

To everyone of you guys who check back so often, just wanna inform all, that I've been up with a few fairly awesome... goodness. Most of which are for a good cause.
(so support guys!)

Just watch out for it.
Think "Reasonably priced EXTREMELY limited edition designer wear".
Sound good to all?

But like I said, watch out for it, because it's gonna get snapped reaaaaaallly quick.
This isn't a marketing tactic. Trust me on this.


I would like to thank my one and only boss.
It's awkward enough that you visit my blog, but really, without you I wouldn't be so busy having two jobs and all.
Solid enough.
I'll count you as my only boss even if you fire me or if I go some place else.
Because you, are the bomb.
Oh, and welcome to the Saturday sushi clubbers.
Please be kind to JP now :)
And please also, can you just give us your handwriting font without anyone getting seriously hurt?


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Thee! Not any thees or thous but THEEEE!!!
What a deck.
Thank thee very much.

Recently did an interview for a friend's final year project.
Actually, it wasn't recently but some time ago.
I said I'd post it up soon.
And that was also some time ago.
I'll post the emailed version here.
Some time soon.

hahahhahahahahhaha my brain feels like it's been squashed.

Now if you've got a skateboard that's a goner, lemme know so i'll do it up.
I'm not exactly ready to break both of mine.

Also, I currently owe about 17602343843 sticker packs (If it can't be that number then it's gotta be more).
I just mailed out about 30packs.. So what I'm left with...
You do the math.
Brain currently on stand by mode.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Once upon an UPDATE

I've been away for a long time, I'm guessing my visitors have dropped by 60%.
Anyway, I have now a website of my own. Very VERY special thanks to Gary for hosting it for me and helping me throughout the making of my entire webbie from start to end. I don't think I could have gotten a decent grade without his help.


I'll probably improve the layout and design when I find the time / when I stop procrastinating.

Next, It's Your's Take It - Singapore edition was held recently.
Was extremely well received... as you all can see below.

...and my favourite below:

Flicks from Too8pe. He did an incredible job.
There are SO much more shots but I'm not planning to lag my blog.

Next would be the CancerSell exhibition held on the 31st of July.

From what I heard, good response, great atmostphere.
Enough said?

You can see more flicks in my website.

Also, the I Got Wood Hawaii Show started on August 23rd and lasted all the way through September 13 at Split Obsession.

Flicks from Mr. J who did an amazing job getting the show up.

Artworks can be purchased on the Split Obsession website.


To end off, there's ALOT more coming up. The longer you don't see me, the bigger the project. Don't think otherwise. And one thing you guys should take note, I'm planning not to post images of my digital artworks here in this blog anymore.

I'll just be updating you guys on shows, exhibitions and updates on what I'm up to. If you'd like to see my works in all it's digital goodness, pop by my flickr page maybe.

Some stuff happened recently. Not really good stuff so I've been dropping a number of offers (not alot since I don't have much to begin with) and picking up some lessons instead.

I'm gonna have to becareful from now on. Sorry to some of you guys whose offer I left behind.
If there's anything I can give in return that's not too out of hand, lemme know and I'll do my best, see what I can do.

You can reach me here: