Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oldies and some thoughts

Older works from last time.. about.... a year ago.

I miss doin' what i do.

SO anyway, my purpose for posting today...
I'll write it here since a number of you'all visit my blog frequently.(Thank you guys.)
If you'all meet anyone advertising some slimming and facial product stuff for you to drink or apply or do crap and slams you for being imperfecto because youre this or youre that, please don't let them continue slammin' you; i'm not sayin this exact thing happened.

BUT PLEASE if anyone ever points out that you sick or you dumb or fat or ugly or you whatever whether directly or indirectly, don't let them push you.

Because these people just show disrespect. They think they're mighty and they're better.

Ego writes cheques their body can't cash so please, deal with them

Just so you'all know, I'm not mad or angry or anything, it's just to remind you guys, that lettin such people get their way doesn't help much. At least give a shot in trying to change things.

When you meet such people, go back and cheer even louder, because sometimes, it's better to be bold than to be circumspect ;)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Fleshi and Gummi

This is?

Inspiried by artist SAMWITHHAM aka 5-AM.
Actually it's just a random doodle I did in class durin' my color theory lesson after I saw SAMWITHHAM futzin' around in photoshop. His creature was very cool and I don't know but I liked the colors as well. Very fleshy kinda color.
A lil' gross but it was good.
Maybe this whole color madness has gotten into me.

This is.

And friends, loved ones and unknown ones, please
EMAIL me if you've got any inquires of my art and blog and stufffies.

You know, comments, critics and hellos on tagboard. Questions by emails( 'less of cus it's just one question or so ).

You get it.

This is.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Ladies and Gents, allow me to introduce.
My mom says I drew M too gay. The actual word used was "girly".

There's also G for GARY. But that's in someone else's sketchbook.
You'all are real hard to draw. Maybe it's co's you'all dress too good.

We'll see how it goes yeah.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chill ;)

Superbly random quickies.
I've got no explanation for either of the works.. Their... completely mindless.


Friday, July 13, 2007


Hi audrey,

We are 3 young French entrepreneurs and we’re interested in your work.

We sell laptop stickers through a website
Our stickers are high quality laminated vinyl cut to the exact sizes ofeach device we have on our database.
So far we have around 250 laptop sizes and we’re getting more every day.
We print and cut on demand and we do everything by ourselves.
We contacted you because we saw your work on deviant art and we’re reallyimpressed by what you are able to do.
We want to give our website a design direction by hosting some of the workof deviant art designers on our website.

So here’s the deal, we want to sell your work through our website, each time we sell your creations, you earn money, whenever you want to takeyour stuff out of our website, a simple email will do.
Your work is not our property and you can make money out of stuff you’vealready done.
We’re thinking about 10% of what we make, so you’ll make around 1euro($1.30) on each sale.
So the better your designs are the more you sell.

We would love to be able to buy your designs but unfortunately we’re ayoung company starting out so we can’t afford it.
As I said earlier, because we sell on demand, that’s the only way we cando that.
You are not going to get rich in the next few months but you’ll definitelypromote your work both on our website and on the stickers of hundreds oflaptops around the world.

The website is up and running for 2 months now and we already make 10sales a day with the horrible stuff we have, so you do the math.
If you’re interested just answer that email by saying interested or not inthe subject and we’ll give you further informations.
If you’re not interested feel free to spread the word that will help us out.

PS: sorry for my poor english.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That's the way to go

Artist Cheryl Kook creates awesome art.
It's me. Thank you. Your a brave girl. That's comin' from me.

Two little humans sittin' on the I-dunno-what.
One named Al and the other named WL.

... Then one named Esmond joined in....

... and another named Sam joined as well...

... and everyone else saw them.. They all wanted to have that same fun.

And so they joined.


Monday, July 9, 2007


Feelin' so bad about this piece of work. I've never done such a rushed work for submission before. Everything is soo FLAT and BLACK. I'm pretty sure I got a zero for the presentation.
But I'm keeping them fingers crossed for a one digit mark.
It works. Usually. LOL.

Because, my prayers, you answer.
You're not giving up nor letting go.
I won't either.

LOL this guy really has a good sense of humour.

... there's an error whenever I try to type my blog title. I finally figured that you have to hover your cursor on the top line of the Title box(halfway above the box)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

More more more

FACULTY chillin' 'side the undergroundpass

FACULTY. Hopin' to go further up.

Ma'am, you can't make this go down the drain.
3 years. Please think. Please.

Bringin' FACULTY to the STREETS!

FACULTY in the makin'
Show some love ;)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Allow me to introduce the FACULTY.

Lemme tell you'all. These peeps are DOPE ASS designers.

HAHAHAHA! omgggg.... I'm sorry how i made you'all look. ;)
SO... this was part of a page in my Graphik Mag for NAFA. Just that I didn't do the guys in time for submission.

This here is the logo for the mag.
So simple, so plain. I presented. I got an A.

And I can't believe it.
Even now.


Hey hey


Light's out party was exciting ^^

Taggin at the soon-to-be torn down Kallang stadium during light's out was awesome fun.
But it was the policemen who really made our day. LOL.
Tryin'a act an alec... their plan to corner us failed so bad.
Like Esmond said, they probably thought we did a suicide jump off the small block.

Sirs, lemme tell you'all something.. We WALKED past.

Movin' on.

Sad case..
The sun shinin' on the wet work didnt do much justice.

Ladies and Gents, FACULTY is UP!

Cheers ;)

"Bein' featured is different. You Earn or Gain in another form." ANTZ

The big bucks don't matter.