Sunday, January 20, 2008


Completely random drawing. He's supposed to be sitting and reading but what the heck.
Did this because I wanted to blog here and I always try to accompany my posts with works.

Beeen reallllly busy because I just completed several books. Don't ask me what they're for, don't ask me why. Because you'll laugh when you hear it. I laughed as well. Not aloud or at anyone's faces.
But anyway, it's done. Over. No more. Finished.
And I'm glad because I took AGES making those books. It was done by hand, not printed because I was supposed to try to save cost.
And NO printing shop would ever wanna do this kinda work anyway. It wasn't just a regular book. The inside pages were of a different length than the outside.
And even if I managed to find a printing shop willing to do it, they'd prolly charge me 50$ per book.
I did it with my dad. Skipped lunch and all. Wasted millions of paper.

I promise you me and my dad felt totally sinful wasting all that.
You don't just waste paper doing that. You waste precious time.

But then again, who cares right? I'm the one doing it.
I can do with that.
No big deal.

'Artistic talent' is needed to cut, fold, paste and compile.

I think that was the smartest thing to say.

Anyway, school work has been pushed aside the past week. I guess it's gonna be the same next week and the week after.
I really hope I don't blow studio project.
I thought maybe I could get a higher GPA and better grades since we're gonna be streamed this semester but I guess not.
Life has been horrible.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Bell and Ciah.

Hey, I've uploaded some pictures of my december trip. Go check my photo blog if you wanna.
Never really uploaded stuff there because i'm a lousy photo girl.

Oh and yeaah thank you guys for requesting for collabs. I've currently got 3 on my side and about another 3 on the other side. 2 not confirmed yet. But it's quite a load so I'll take a bit of time throwing the ball back. No rushin' otherwise i'll give crap work. I'm not gonna rush anyone if the work's on your side as well.
So let's play fair.

School's studio project's on the way. So gimme a break before i speed up :D

Friday, January 11, 2008


So here's the funny eye color piece just for fun.
About 4hrs work.

I was like super enthu to do some vector stuff after I came back from Japan. 2 weeks of not touching the tablet didn't make me feel comfortable.

Gonna have to refine this work because the composition is horrible.
Everything's floating.

SO anyway, I been dead busy this week (I still am) but since I'm done with silly animation, I'll take some time out to post some updates.

I've been receiving a number of... unexpected sticker packs. Either that or I totally forgot about it. I hope not. But if I did, mail me and I'll get back... soon.

Another thing, I'd like a hold on shirt requests. Badges, commissions and collab requests can still go on. Shirt supplier's been changed so please (really) stop asking me for whatever funny and weird details YET.
To people who sent me mails but didn't get a reply, you either asked me too silly a question OR I haven't got the time... mm or maybe I don't even know the answer myself.... yup.

I'll be starting on my first collab work for the year. I understand I'm more than 10 days late so i'll come up with something tonight.

Hopefully it's fresh.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


My bro's friend, Erene, who's working in moove media did the above two for us.


Little Werdna is little Andrew spelt back. that's my bro's name. Hi bro.
I wonder how she did the jeans mmm...
And I wonder why my bro's eyes are green on one side and red on the other. Little andrew said it's because of christmas. I think that's even cuter.
And ANTZ does the eye color thingy as well.
wonder wonder wonder.

Because of that, I decided to try the eye thingy out. The next work or so that i'll post soon, you'll find one of my characters's having funny eye color. But that's just for my own fun.

Anywayyy, thank you Erene for being so prompt with coming out with mine for me.
I got a message from my bro who said little audrey is ready.
'double happiness!' was what i replied.
double because of something else which happened earlier on in the day.

Everybody's doing such good art these days. I feeel....... T_T

If given the chance to take part in something you've always wanted to take part in and be trained by your favourite artist who you REALLLY SERIOUSLY look up to, even though you know going through that is like going through hell (there's no turning back and the results at the end might not be what you dreamed of) , would you still do it?
And if you don't take that opportunity, do you think you really won't regret making that decision?
Was i selected because there wasn't anyone else to pick?
When I say all this, does this mean I'm not cut out to be a champ fact that I've got absolutely no confidence in winning at all unless somebody helps me and gives me moral support?

Shoooooot I reallly need help and advice before i take a step further.