Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Not sure why the blue came out so ugly and dull and grey. The green isn't really like that as well but it's not as bad as the blue and red or pink. whatever.

15mins quick vector for a canvas I'll soon work on..
Just planning the layout and colors and all.

And by the way, HTML sucks PLEASE!
If there's someone out there who can help me, then please do!
It's so technical. Actually, almost all my modules this year's all about technicality and it's making me a bit sickk.
I don't usually show my weaker side but. I need help.
And I miss Typography alot.
And my ex tutors.

And Gene as well, although that's completely out of the point.
(gene, my great escape. go go)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Patience please

Handphone image.
Painting for a hostel. Still incomplete and looking really bad so far.

My purpose for blogging, I haven't been checking my emails and replying them on time. I'm super sorry, I don't know why but life's been a bit hectic. Not really because of school.
So, would appreciate it if you guys understand when I turn down offers or trades or collabs or whatever invitations.
And for people who rush me to mail them their toys or artworks that you've commissioned, would also appreciate that you guys wait for it. International mailing can take up to 3 weeks to get to you guys so rushing me isn't gonna make anything faster.

And for other stuff that I've got no excuses to give, I'm sorry. You guys can kill me with your hate mails or something. No, I'm kiddding, I don't want hate mails.

On another note, I CRIED today. SERIOUSLY.
lolol but it was kinda funnyyyyy, crying and feeeling stupid altogether after some smes.
People prolly thought I broke with bf or something like that. Or someone passed away. Or that my dogs lost their way home.

What for?

Friday, April 18, 2008


Very very extremely random.
It's not because his legs are short, believe me, although it looks like it is in my drawing.

This is not random.
Just trying this out for school homework before I really do it in the sketchbook for school that I have yet to buy. This done in my own personal book instead.

Anyway, I just wanna say I am screwed.
Went to MPH. Why did I go to MPH even though I know everytime I enter a bookshop I'd end up buying something 80% of the time?
I think someone needs to confiscate the book from me.
But then again, this book is CRAZY.
Super hooked already

Really, if I had to choose two places to live in every single day and be stuck there forever, which means no leaving the place EVER( and I can't choose my house), the first two places that'd come to mind -

Art Friend.

Just tell me

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Use... your brain"

ymer, thank youu :)

"Use... your brain."

No really, think about it. Just think.

Paper bag

Monday, April 14, 2008

Gettin it back

Took slightly more than 2 hours for each and about 3 and a half hrs for the second panel with the family... and dog. Yeah that's actually a dog.
I sent it to my friend asking her to CC for me.

'That's a dog by the way. Not an.. alien or whatever....just so you know."

After she opened up the image:

"So... like dog as in.. woof woof? .... or dog like..."

"... yes, woof woof."

"oh............ okay.. hmm."

So yeah, I already know I screwed the dog.

But anyway, I think i've taught MY dog how to slide and glide with me.. >___>
For people who don't get it, don't try.
Maybe I'll show a video. *cough*

"You flow like crazy"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I didn't go out today

New worrk. A little lazy about the whole thing soooooo I'm just trying to reuse a few designs and change them a little to suit everything

I was planning on going out tonight since it's my last holiday weekend but... yeah.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Reeeally wordyyy

I'm just about done with the igotwood project.
Exhibition is said to be in Hawaii :)
This here's a TV set made of wood. It's a little incomplete. I have yet to get some clay and wires to glue to the top of the TV before I'm done.

Anyway, my main purpose for blogging today-

Usually, when I'm mailing a painting, more often by speedpost, I'd feeel awfully bad for my wallet. I usually spend about 60 to 100$ when I mail a canvas.

But today, when I got my money out for the mailing, I didn't feel a thing. At first I thought I was already numbed, having spent my money like this a couple of times. No, make that alot of times.
It wasn't that I was rich (my freelance friday work has just ended and I'm currently jobless) or that I've been doing this so much I don't feel the burn.

It was because I was doing this for a good cause.
So, I'm thinking of maybe getting a new project going. Something to do with fundraising (not for myself even though it's nice if you wanna do it) for the needy for the poor?

I won't be starting this so soon though since I'm already in a few projects and school is starting reeealllly soooon
But yeah, maybe I'll work something out soon when I'm steady with school and all.

I just need to know, if I ever did hold a project for fundraising, who'd like to be involved in contributing some artwork or cash or whatever?
And when I say artworks I mean fairly big works. And when I say cash I mean of a fairly big amount :)

Ah I'm being vague, but mail me if you'd like to work with me on this.
I was watching Idol Gives Back and it reminded me alot of the little kids in Philippines
Their lack of many things and their satisfaction with what little they have.
I agree with one of my favourite writers, that we always do what we need to do for ourselves. It is how we survive, everything for our benefit. It is what we don't NEED to do that gets me thinking...

I just realised I have a new task/job/commission just being offered to me riiight now, yeah right nowww, which I will take up until monday :) I'm lucky to have finished my last freelance work and get a new one just right after that, though I gotta admit that even though it's design related, I'm a little tired of doing works now. Especially since it's nearing the end of my holidays and I'm supposed to have a good rest before my school starts
(heartattack), guess I'll just treat this as a warm up for when schoool starts (heartattack)

Sorry for being so wordy with all the fund raising and charity and all that stuff. Like I said before, my personal blog is gone and I write alot about my thoughts and life and stuffies there.

I wonder what you'd say to me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I like this.

18x18 inch canvas for CancerSell DONE!
(I'm sorry for the lousy quality shot)

Detailed shot.
Acrylic and painty markers on canvas

I hope I'll bring a little bit of happiness to the person buying this :)

The type of place I only see in my dreams.

Now part of my wide wide collection of tribal bracelets.

A few more projects left to get done before school starts next week.
I'm not feeeling good about school. My confidence in animation is like...
I don't know how I got an A when I really struggle with it so badly.
This is serioussss and I am scared as hell.
I'll really need alot of help. And don't anyone tell me I'm lying because really, I'm not.
No confidence. Zero.
Not when it comes to animation.

So, yeah. Pray for me. For real.

I've been living a damn good life lately. Holiday after holiday.
I feeeeel... addicted to getaways.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008



My shoulders hurt like CRAZY!
Even wearing.... is killing me.

AND. It's making it difficult as crap to sleep. I feel so pathetic.

But on the brighter side (not for me), I've managed to wake early (not surprising since I can't even sleep) to do some ART.
To finish everything up by mid april and to send every pack out as soon as I can.

But whatever.
Because my shoulder hurts and I wanna rant and I've closed my personal blog to do it.
I hope and pray like crazy I get better before my next trip to the beach. Otherwise I'll prolly be staying indoors reading and feeling pissy.
I'm like that.

Yeah anyway, that was a quick update. To art folks, pay no mind to what I said, just know that I'm on my way with my art projects.

Slowly, but surely.

I'll cure.