Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mobo goes VINYL?

Ups by billikid, hailing from the US.

With combos like that, the whole 'art or vandalism' dispute can be buried a thousand feet below.

Anyway, my reason for posting.
I'v been busy (I still am) with a few projects at hand.

Currently working on an 18x18 inch canvas which loooks fab >___>
Something that I have to finish my mid april which isn't really a lot of time since I'll be leaving again this friday.
Ah then again, it's all for a good cause.

Other than that, I Got Wood.
It's currently blank, in all it's naked glory.
I'm gonna have to find some time out to do this project.

Now I remember I have one or two more project stuff to do but I can't even remember.

Some magazines going on... some stuff here and there...


If I did a toy of Mobo (VINYL), my character, what would you guys be thinking?
I know I've done away with the comments for my blog but... mail me or something!
Because the last time Mobo went PLUSH, i've had a number of requests sent to my mail wondering if I was ever gonna mass produce it.

So PLEASE PLEASE mail me :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter :)

I found an egg in my estate today.
I was kinda happy after i painted it because I thought it looked nice and cute. Emphasise thought.

Until the little girl came back looking for the egg and whining to her parents that the damn egg was gone. The one that she painted. The one that was pink. The one with her name on.
The one I painted over.

Oh and the artwork I did on the wooden plank's just personal stuff.
Hope you'all like.

And hope YOU like. LOL :D

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Poster from 455er's flickk.

He'll be doin a LIVE sticker combo so get something going for the showww!
Gracias por el support :D es preciado!
what's 'support' in spanish?

now go go go

Sunday, March 16, 2008

say cheeeeeese

This blog is supposed to be kids friendly.
Sort of. In a way.

If you feel sick, exit immediately.
In case of emergency, attend to yourself before attending to your child.

The exposed flesh there was just gross I had to do something about his ankle hence the body art.
That's not my ankle by the way >__>

Oh, and I wanted to add some teeth but......

Saturday, March 15, 2008

earth to me

Back from my holiday. Didn't really plan to blog here but i thought it's nice to share this.

flea market
magic ball
strip tease
tom yam
sticky rice with mango
mango TANGO
sex on the beach
beef noodles
Manga by Playground
Knuckle bears
Dunnys and Munnys
metal robot (HEAVYY)
metal frog
STEAM bath
jacuzzi hot tub
red light district
millionaire life....

... and a number of doodles in between.

That would be the outline of my holiday. Been staying in an apartment better than a hotel suite during my few days in heaven. But I'm back to earth from that millionaire life i've been living in paradise. Hoping what's next would be goood.

I'll try to break from my usual routine in life. lolol :

Waking at noon, lunch, replying emails and networking, doing work until 5pm and then starting my day only after that.

Too boring. Time for a change. The weather is good. And I'm dreaming out loud.

Will work for a better life :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Okaay probably the last post 'fore I leave SG. Going a few places this holiday.
Need a bit of break.
If I can't motivate myself to do work, then I've got zero right to motivate anyone else.

School ended end Feb.
SP2 done. On the surface it looks I did fine. In fact, it looks I did good even.
Just hope it's really gonna be as simple and as straightforward as that.
I still find something missing though.

It's like... this end semester project is REALLLLLY nothing compared to last sem.
Just do work like 3hrs a day all the way until the end of the project and you're done.
It can't even be compared to the usual school homework.
Kinda scary to finish 4 days before the deadline and spend the rest of SP days having fun. Too much fun. Of course we can all say it's part of work though. Sort of. I believe so. >___>

Anyway, I've had damn goood fun doing the whole exp series for FRESH FACE.
mm. About this work. The above expression is the... okaay it's the...
It's the kinks virus expression

O____O *bubble pops*
The more I got carried away with this, the more... funny it got.
Like... why the hell are you staring at me like that?
Can you like... shuzz your mouth..?
But it's a cute character. And I like the expression that way.
Though I feel I could definitely have worked abit more on everything else.
Esp the background.

So here's to you all anyway.
And to CancerSell.org