Monday, May 28, 2007

Squish 'n' squash 'em

Thae artwork of audrey yeo....?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Signature creature

I learnt from Sam (with ham the damn man who's lamb went BAM to the ground so damp after a cramp it had while lickin' jam), that we've got quite a number of creatures hiding in our signature. For real.
And it's amazin' what we can find when we really try to observe.
but yeah.. too damn bad my loop in the letter "y" isnt exactly the shape of a horse's head. Otherwise I'd be lovin' this more.
I'll keep tryin' tryin' tryin'.

Impossible is nothin'

Monday, May 21, 2007


An amazing artist did this simple digital speedpainting of me. I am HONOURED.. for two reasons in particular.
one, she drew me. BEAT THAT BEAT THAT.
two, she's my beloved friend and classmate. ... the hell?
Miss Cheryl Kook rocks my socks and shoes OFFF.
Oh and here's a video I'd like to share with you'all. It's funny. I promise.
I still owe tilda her momma's day prezzie. Have yet to add some colors. shooooot.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My sketch of the chapel at CHIMES. Some lines are a little wrong but this is an "eraser-is-my-enemy sketch". No erasing involved. I should try more anti eraser sketches.

This is Sam's work. He's style and mine..... is just sooooo different. I kinda love the fact that he drew this with much effort although it's just for fun. I respect people like that because that's the way to go about when it comes to life.

ANTZ says:
put 100% to it

ANTZ says:
leaving no loopholes for ur competitor

ANTZ says:
every assignment u got...treat it as if itz a corporate design for ur own company or a final yr project~

ANTZ says:
at least i got more direction now

ANTZ says:
try it

The chapel at CHIMES. I don't know what it's called but it's a grand grand place.

Hope we get to do more of this next time. It inspires.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Look around you. Be observant. The smallest things might surprise.

I love the first picture... I edited the lighting.. too damn bad the quality isnt up to standard.. I love my grp10 class.
I especially love 3+4 :)
Work hard. Strive. Be the best at work and at play. Encourage the demoralised. Stay crazy and awesome. Let this be our motto and our aim.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Power to Coconut 10

Matilda. I owe her alot.

Sam and Alvin. err.........................

k let's move on....

Diane. This girl is cooool.

Esmond and Alvin. If my mom allowed me to pick an additional younger bro, it'd be Esmond. If she wanted me to pick an older bro, it'd be Alvin.

Sam. Wonder what Rafiq(guy at the background) was thinking as he looked at sam posing like errr.... k.. movin' on...

k THS KID IS CRAZY. Weiliang rocks my socks and shoes off. He's the second cooolest kid I've ever known. Look'at him.

Just LOOK'at him.

Shuiran. Another cool kid who dances like a pro.

Too bad I kinda suck when it comes to communicating with him cos my chinese is horrible.

Clarence. One of the funny kids i know. Never fails when it comes to making me laugh.. He's jokes are sooo like my older bro's. Extremely witty and sarcastic. Maintains a straight face while pullin' perfect jokes.


I'll post more pictures tomorrow. Don't want my lappy hangin' due to an overload of camwhoring images.

K listen up. Due to the recent crappy results I got for a particular assignment, I've made a promise. Something I'd try to keep. So guys, help me with it - During lessons in school, I will TRY my best to do my works and assignments until lessons end. I will put in my best in whatever assignments that I have to do. I will try not to do last minute works UNLESS assignments were given at the last minute.

I want to score in my assignments.

Getting just a B+ is killin' me.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

East coast fun part 2

errr. Smoking is bad for the health. Anyone reading my blog, please i'm not advertising smoking as coolness ;) hahaha
I'm lovin' this pic. I didnt do any editing at all but it looks great as it is.
okie bye time to sleeeeep~