Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winter downssss

shoot me.
Those I emailed back, about 12 in all, it means you'll be getting something from me by mid december.

Er those i didn't reply to... Hi.
You'll get it when the time comes for another commish... and when you're a bit faster.
But I promise, I'll put up slots next time. ;)

Poland - Wroclaw

Feat: riot68, bell, killer gerbil, beak, 7ad, loopa fly, oh no! john, suspecto, sticker robot and ciah

bytedust, ciah, bell, misphit, beak, nautii, loopa fly, jaxie, stick together team, killboy, 7ad, resistor, super rafaela, blurble and oh no! john

Sticked by Bell and ciah!

I forgot who sticked and flickked this shot. Brilliant anyway. Thank youu.

Perth, Western Australia.

Featuring: tigapics, branded, reetbot, phook, bytedust, 14bolt, billikid, delme, suspecto, buddy barbados, bell, ciah, riot68, resistor, 7ad, lare, 2tone

Slapped by suspecto!

And here! Uh. Family pic. or.. Friends and family pic.
Starring Ms June.M and Mr Kjell.M

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I am just half alive.

Broadway Kansas City USA!

robotswillkill 7-ad dwell ela zan jaxiejax theory propaganda vltcrew crevicecreeps riot68 stove resistor tigapics chopsticks 14boolt vs billikid brand subhumanoid suspecto hang deph catv vs bytedust sparkysupafly caspa lazynachos tr8 d3d bell evike71 roy kramr snub23 lukedaduke cphs rygar xny artisdead sticktogetherteam blurble germ romertax ciah anybody kandycore frank jshine kri7ek entocrisis sabotage snail defy wu? biafra sevendeathlyboys thee

Thanks to "Resistor" for the ups. ;)

Harajuko - Tokyo Japan!

7 AD, Colante, ConStruCtion VS. Romer, Tax, MoMo Chan, Fetch, aLLAYa, Fokused, Fixxa, Foob, The Walters, MJ inc., IS3T!

Dihtag for the combo :)

So anyway, I went to print invitation cards for my churchh along with some stickers after getting some funds from a recent commission. Yeeeah.
But yeah after the printing I'm back to being broke. 50$ for the invi cards and 30plus$ for the stickers.
After that, I rushed off to grab my bag which I left in church because it's just next to the place where I went off to print. I reached church realising I left my wallet in the printing shop. I've forgotten my wallet billions of times. And so, for the billionth time, I managed to get it backk.

I was THAT broke I couldn't bother rushing down to retrieve it. The only thing that got me going back was because I had two of my favourite local artists sigs in there that I didn't wanna lose.

But good news, the post i made last night got me 4 commissions.
Bad news is, I AM DEAD BUSY. School work is PILING because I've been rushing designs for church. Prioritise right???? Church comes first? Followed by school? And lastly clients?

I need to do a Church camp shirt by Sunday.
Attend short meeting on sunday 2-5pm.
Get a digital work fully done and printed and finish my Typography work by Monday.
School ends 9pm every monday.
Owe two animation assignments(one of them was due last weeek!), 15 panels for story boarding and come up with some character designs by Tuesday.
Finish up 10 drawings I owe the teacher by thursday. Half was due last weeek!
Rush the 2 poster designs for the car company and JC by friday.

God somebody hear me.
How on earth can I do everything without them being sloppy and badly done?
And my neck and back hurts from cutting 100 invi cardds manually. T_T

.... am i actually RANTING at 4 in the am??!

So goodnight.

Ever since... you've always been...

Friday, November 23, 2007


Mmm this evening was interesting. I was stalked by a boy who came up the same bus I was in and got off the same stop I got off and walked allll the way to my block...

...before finally plucking up the courage to ask for my number.
8 numbers??!

guy: Excuse me can I ask you a question? I wanna know you. Be your friend.

me: Er. that's not a question

guy: Okay then can I be your friend?

me: No.


In my head, I was laughin like crazy. He shouldave asked for the number in the bus! Not like I wouldave given him a different answer. But it would definitely save him the trouble of getting off the bus riiight.


Ah anyway:

That's the sticker packs mailing receipt.
THAT's why I'm BROKE.
I didn't even get to eat breakfast and even after that, I could only afford cup corn for lunch.
And dinner was yesterday's leftover. although that actually still tasted good.

So here's a SHOUTOUT to everyone (EXCEPT PERSONAL FRIENDS) who reads my blogg and who loves my artt. I need some support. Commissions are open. again.

A6 Cardboard Art: S$3
A5 Cardboard Art: S$5
Two 6x7in Colored stickers along with 10 other stickers : S.A.S.E +S$3
CD art: $3

Note: Above prices not inclusive of the mailing price. And that would depend on the weight of item.

Email me if you'd like to support. Include how you'd like your mode of payment to be. I won't be doing toys or tees like I did before because I don't have the time for that at the moment but if you'd like something going, lemme know and I'll compromise.


If you've got some scrap, feel free to send some stuff over. Stuff that I can do some art on. Like coasters or whatever. Email me for my house address and in the email, lemme know what you're planning to send over. Yeeahh.

This one some of you guys have seen before.
But this one's a scanned version. And an example of my freestyle art which is really just crazy doodling....... which I'll be mailing over to someone because he/she asked.
Sorry I don't know your gender D:

But thanks for the support!!

And here's something for my churchhh. I dunno why the colors look kinda desaturated here.
It's an invi card for a camp... which i'm unable to attend..... D:

The design, to me, looks kinda kiddy especially because of the blue and the red but... i'm tired.... very very.. and i spent ages on the bkground. AGES. So please forgive me. I owe the teacher homework because of that.

Now I've got two more posters due next week. Commissioned stuff. One for some car company and another for a Junior College. Yeeeeahh.

See you'all!
Show some love and support! Commission me! Friends not included. Don't ask me why. I've always found commissioning friends reallly weird :/

But that's just me ;)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Italy, Chile and the USA!


The flicks and slaps above are by ohnojohn.

Florencia ITALY!
Checkk out the background.

I don't think I've ever been up there before. "I" referring to my stickers.
For myself, that's a different story.

Thanks friend for the ups! ;)

coo*, 7-ad, cius, perfecto enemigo, thee

Flickked and slappped by coo*

My friend said to me today that my stickers have travelled to places I've never been before. Places like south africa, chile, poland, holland, brazil and even mexico.
It's like a representation of me being there.

And maybe, all in all, that's what makes sticker trading so enjoyable.

Okay checck this. I know I've uploaded this before but there's something new. But before that, here's a recap:

space, mump, 14 bolt, bytedust, ader, we are watching, 2-tone, 7-ad, ska51, theory propaganda, cede, seventh letter crew, radioactive man, phook, broke arms, c-13, 14 bolt, boost, chikiyo, billikid, abart, odel, peel, ciah, bell, visual narcotics

Combo by Deremony.

Now checkk this:

The whole box is in the back of a car and here's the reason:

That box, got replaced with a brand new shiny blackk one. What happened to this piece of art is that it got thrown into a dumpster. That's sad.

But the good thing is, theory picked it up and got the beauty back home. He'll be finding some place to put this up in a gallery or for an exhibition. If anyone's got something going on, lemme know and maybe I can hook you up with deremony. Until then it stays home as an awesome deco.

Thanks to Deremony for saving the box.

Like I said, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Another thing guys, don't add me on msn unless I know you fairly well or you'd like to speak to me about art. Read the bold words in my October post here for those who still can't quite get it.
Like i said, I don't mean to be mean or rude. I like you guys for liking my art. But it's really hard to entertain if everyone adds me up like that.

Hope for an understanding. ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

SG - Phonebooth invasion in BUGIS


I've given myself a short break before I get back to my workk. So here are some stuff I'd like to share:

Stix on the left side:

.super.rafaela., blackink, VLT, nautii, delme, resistor, flosinski, elephantspaceman, tiddas

Stix on the right:

2tone, 7-ad, epikgraphics, RYL, OH, NO! john!, lazynachos, 14BOLT, DAVE, diane, tigapics, phooker, Dihtag.


4 people completely invaded the phonebooth today. Hot.


I just realised how much I truly suckk in photoshop. There are so many things I kinda wish I knew how to do but don't. I've been working on this piece forever but what keeps happening is that my com hangs or lags so often.
And everytime that happens I feel like crying because I have a badd baddd habit of not saving my work when i get so carried away D:

And that suckss badly.

Now back to workk...
G'night :)

I'm waiting. Step in.


NYC 21st Street!

Like always, HUGE combo by Billikid, the guru of crazy combos.
Click the image. You have to see it big.

Stickers by:

Azione VS Booty, Lord Leigh (MONO), Sparky Superfly, Resistor, Peel Here, Kandycore, Discoshit, Riot68, The GC Four, 14Bolt, The Slobtastik One, buildmore, =2 Tone=, roy_gbl, TheOneVis, Wheeler Lifton, nasty guy, Ceito ATV VS Bytedust, tors is dead!, XNY, ..CASPA..DBK.., El Bokom, trashisfesch, Deremony!, ToyEater, 7-ad, biafrainc, budacrew, Evots, (JK.), crevicecreeps, Orticanoodles, MORG, SNUB23, plop_tsfkrew, DRYPnz, Theory Propaganda, Ticky™, Be@K>o3, Subhumanoid, Under Water Pirates, bazooka bill!, *Abuze420*, Hargo, artoo_r2, .ELNA, MD-FCB-CAF, riot68fan, fixxa, .88 Proof, xnhungx, JShine, Josh?, COLANTE, Epik, Bo Neminus, LARE.imc, orphinator!, SAM CHOI, Blurble (kidtv), Guar, Messy Menk, Billi Kid, RobotsWillKill, sketch3030, lazynachos and reetbot.

I've received my stickers from him just recently and they're beautiful.
He's really quite generous with his stix.
Billikid is just great and I owe him much thanks ;)

hi i'm 7-ad

Muelle Barón CHILE!

perfecto enemigo, T H E E , coo*, cius, skil, 7-ad, a.k.a cristhoper

Thanks coo* for the ups :)

Cerro sta. Lucia CHILE!

I posted this combo before but the image wasn't too good the other time and it wasn't a detailed shot so here's a fairly good closeup.

spia - p.e - guachalo - delme - cius - 7 ad - tigapics

Cheers to spia once again for the flickk :)

I like this.

Anyway, here's something that happened today.

I was on my way to church in a huge hurry carrying my file and stuff when someone came up to me and actually asked me who i was. I thought he was trying to be funny so i carried on walking until he called my name. So i turned and asked if i knew him. And he said he recognised my sticker on my file because he frequents my blog.
I think when I heard that I honestly felt like fainting. Of course I tried acting like it's all cool but obviously it didn't work because i get all flushed up just reading compliments in emails. So having to experience someone showing their interest in my works right there and then is just... mmm.

So to Jeremy, nice meeting you and thanks for the kind words. It made my dayy :)


AND, as usual, another apology. I didn't get a chance to mail any stickers out on friday. But at least I don't really have to feel bad since I didn't promise for it to be out on friday. I'll be mailing them out on monday so please be patient and wait for my packk.

Also HUGE thanks to defue from Germany who made a really short video featuring my sticker inside. It's a weird video that doesn't exactly have a meaning or message but it was sweeet of him to do it anyway.

Click here to watch the video.

To give up I'd be a fool.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Your trash, my treasure.

12 x 12 inch Canvas for the Peel Here '07 Exhibition.
The Mobo looks a lil weird cos the eyes are too close. He looks smart now. And that's not cute.
I've never been able to get accurate in my drawings and paintings on canvas which is really sad.
Here's the truth, I only managed a C5 for my art in sec school.
But who cares. Nobody. I'll tell you guys more about it next time.

On the whole it took me about 4 hrs to do this spread within 2 days.
So there, fruits of my futzin. It was enjoyable doing this! I had great fun.

Now what I need is money to get more paint and canvases.

Here's a can I painted. Might prolly use it for Free Art Friday or decoration. It depends on how much space I've got on my shelf... which is not much as you can see below.

I've got quite a number more cans to play with. Recycled stuff. I do art on anything I lay my hands on.

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Note that PLEASE. XD

I've done a few already but I've still got to fine tune them. Will post some stuff when it's done :)

Ooh. I just realised from this picture it so happens you can see the green Mobo just 'side the blue. And I said I'd take a photo of it before.
So there you go. You get to see like... half of his face.

Am I screwed this Saturday or what?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Going further!

7-ad, mump, lazynachos, 2-tone, vlt crew, c-13, bytedust, broke arms, uech
flick and slapped by deremony

Lare's blackbook. It looks so good together compared to mine.

fokused, theory propaganda, p0m0, delme, cius, 7ad, tigapics, guachalo, riman, p.e., spia
flick and slapped by spia

Above is Cerro San Cristóbal, Chile


Monday, November 5, 2007


we are watching, vlt crew, 7-ad, 2-tone, theory propaganda, space, ciah, bell, mump, broke arms

space, mump, 14 bolt, bytedust, ader, we are watching, 2-tone, 7-ad, ska51, theory propaganda, cede, seventh letter crew, radioactive man, phooker, broke arms, c-13, 14 bolt, boost, chikiyo, billikid, abart, odel, peel, ciah, bell, visual narcotics

phooker, we are watching, theory propaganda, vlt crew, ciah, odel, 14 bolt, broke arms, 7-ad, chikiyo, bytedust, c-13, ska51, 2-tone, mump, boost, space

mump, wire, space, visual narcotics, snype, 2-tone, ciah, c-13, theory propaganda, vlt crew, 7-ad

2-tone, chikiyo, vlt crew, wolf, 14 bolt, 7-ad, we are watching, bell, broke arms, theory propaganda, bytedust

Ups by Deremony. Thanks :)

Sticker packs been mailed.

HOT. day.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mobo goes to Chile

spia, p.e, guachalo, delme, cius, 7 ad, tigapics

Thanks spia for the ups ;)

Eh friends look at the background in the image. So style.
Now I'm starting to miss europe.

I wanna go backk..........

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Free Art Exibition and an Apology

These Mobos are..... grey. And it's not photoshopped that way. I'm not messing around with the saturation to give it funny effects. They were colourful in my thumbdrive but after they went through the printer......
... now they look like a cross between an elephant and a mushroom.
But I love them anyway because they're special.

So here's what I did with them :
Got some good old cardboard. Tore them apart and started paintin and having fun with them. Yeah whatever, I said before i did horrible in color theory classes.
One important thing to take note, and that's to always keep your workplace neat. Like mine.


So as I wait for the paint to dry on the cardboard, I tag the back of it since I know there isn't really much space to do it at the front.

And there you have em, tacked nicely on my ugly house wall!

But there're not gonna be up there permanently though because these will be mailed to Seattle where the Free Art Exhibition's gonna be held come late Jan to early Feb. Exhibition date hasn't yet been confirmed.

The purpose of the Free Art Exhibition in Seattle is to spread awareness that art does not have to be ridiculously expensive and it can simply be just for fun and love. It doesn't always have to appeal to the masses or necessarily have to have any form of political or worldly message.

Important thing is, you do what you like, and you like what you do. You achieve what YOU set yourself to achieve as an individual.

Free Art is a gift to the public and an opportunity to make someone's day.


I am sorry.

So I said I'd mail the stickers on Friday which I didn't and I can't even remember why because......

ANYWAY, I was supposed to mail em today(saturday) but the stupidest thing happened. I told myself I'd mail them in the morning before going to school. So I woke early, sorted out the sticker packs and then I thought, "mm school first. stickers later. PRIORITISE PLEASE."

So instead, I rushed to schoool and OF COURSE, crap happened, something happened blah blah and I couldn't do my animation.

Checked the time.
'12.46pm. I can still mail stickers if I rush back.(since the post office closes at 1300.)'

Checked my wallet.
No $$ for a cab.

I took a bus and by the time I reached the post office...


shit it.

I seriously promise to mail the packs on monday. See the picture, I've sorted out the packs...


I can get the world into this.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Some slapping by friends

mm.. I'm not sure of some of the stickers of this combo but here goes to what i know:
tigapics, VLT CREW, super.rafaela, suspecto, =2 tone=, whitedogbobby, CCC, mayor, jack, el chriso, 7-AD, (and others).

Above combo by tigapics.

OH, NO! JOHN! , speak cryptic, lazynachos, phooker, =2 tone=, 7-AD, whoischill

Above combo by phooker.

14 Bolt, Oh, No! John!, C.13, Boost, 7-AD, Lazy Nachos, Suspecto, WU?, =2 Tone=

Above combo by =2 tone=.

I sent the last pack out on monday this week. About 10 in all. Will be sending the next lot tomorrow, Friday.

cheers and Happy Hallowe'en.