Saturday, June 14, 2008

I don't play Video games

This is Phi.
My take on the theme: DANCE
For the weekly themed artspace thiing.
Hopes you likes.

Pimped the Dude.
It's a whistle.
About 1.5in by 2in.
It was hard using the paintbrush for this. Markers and all have suddenly ran out of ink, dried, withered, dehydrated, died.

My part of the collaboration with the Amazingly Artsy Alice Burns
Very very funkyyy. She did hers on the other side of the whistle.

Yaaaa bad resolution and all. No choice. My good cam is downn.

Thanks , Merci, Chezu ba, Danke, Ta, Gracias, Mahalo, Makasih, Arigato, Xie Xie, Salamat, Kiaora Koe!

That's as far as I can go :D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The boy is golden

Quick 10mins work.
Was checking out some reference stuff of mountains before starting on a commish work.
The above isn't the work at all.
The above is just for fun and purely personal.
There aren't mountains in SG so it was a weird offer I took up.
I saw one of Pallala's take on a mountainview and the style was stunning.
Soo, thought I tried it myself just for fun.
I didn't use a reference for this, just based it on memory of mountains that I've seen.
Added the whites in PS.

I haven't had time to do alot of things. because I've been busy...
... doing alot of other things.
For those who know what's up, then good for you.
Well done and keep stalking.
I'm just kidding. Please don't.

My days have been fun.
And very very tight.
In a good way ^^

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I wouldn't ask for fame

Non commish work that I can only show so much. As usual, the colors look really desaturated here as compared to the actual.

Guys, I just realised how I haven't replied to a number of you guys regarding trades and collabs and exhibition help because alot of stuff was sent to junk mail which I never ever look at. And they date back to quite some time ago. I'm not sure now if I should still reply?
If you'd like to give me an update, just do so.

So so sorry.

And for those of you who are unsure of the terms and conditions for prepayment, please ask because I don't start when the deal is uncertain.
Again, so so sorry but like they say,
a contract's like a condom.

I sort of learnt it the hard way. It happened once, I just didn't think it'd happen again.

Then again, I should have known, things CAN happen twice, just never in the same way.
Should have been prepared.
Corny but true most of the time.
Sound familiar?