Monday, March 26, 2007

shit happens

Yet again some fruits of my futzing. Some 'fruits'
Haven't been up to much at all lately. Been grumpy.
And rude and irritated and picky and restless and rebellious and blunt and snappy.
Maybe it's cause I can't do much good works that I'm satisfied with. Oops sorry, correction - In fact, I can't do works AT ALL, what with the scanner currently unavailable. Pissing.

Thank God I have my sketchbook. And my dogs. And my books. And my bike.

Oh and monday's NAFA lessons are killing me! It kinda pisses me off when I have to do assignments I hate. Yeah I know it's part of life yadda yadda we all have to deal with it yadda blah... But gosh I just wish for time to pass a little quicker. On the other hand, lessons on thursdays are good, useful and all.

I'm sorry. Shouldn't have ranted my butt off.
It's 2.25am. Beat. G'night now.