Tuesday, April 3, 2007



I actually just wanted t type stuff without posting anything but i found it pretty weird so I did this robot thing real fast just to add it to my post.

So today was orientation day. Not much went on. The freshies were shy at one another (like me and everyone else) and we had the Orientation Group Leaders(OGLs) trying to crack some jokes and make peace signs for whatever reason to break the ice. Hahaha, I totally don't blame them. It was dead hard trying to get everyone comfortable with the unfamiliar.

So on the day before the orientation I asked my brother what it was gonna be like since he's in the 3rd year of Multimedia and Animation at NP. Said it was dead boring playin nursery games and that he left after lunch during his orientation. I must admit I kinda felt like doing what he did today. But then, I was appointed assistant leader of my group, so yeah, good or a bad thing, I don't know. Today just wasn't exactly how I'd like my day to be.

So i went home. Feelin...... dead.

And then my uber cool friend and fellow artist, MOISK cheeeeered me up ALOT. He was funny. FUNNEH! And cool. And... oh damn. I just closed our conversation window by accident. JSBWDJSHDSJ!!!

Okay nevermind. But he said some stuff about the orientation( he was there too......... for awhile) which somehow managed to crack me up. I wasn't exactly supposed to laugh out loud because my younger brother was asleep but I really couldn't help it. And plus, it's really quite hard to make me laugh when I'm in a lousy mood.

But Mr MOISK did it.

Hope tomorrow gets better.

Cheers yo ;)