Friday, May 4, 2007

Power to Coconut 10

Matilda. I owe her alot.

Sam and Alvin. err.........................

k let's move on....

Diane. This girl is cooool.

Esmond and Alvin. If my mom allowed me to pick an additional younger bro, it'd be Esmond. If she wanted me to pick an older bro, it'd be Alvin.

Sam. Wonder what Rafiq(guy at the background) was thinking as he looked at sam posing like errr.... k.. movin' on...

k THS KID IS CRAZY. Weiliang rocks my socks and shoes off. He's the second cooolest kid I've ever known. Look'at him.

Just LOOK'at him.

Shuiran. Another cool kid who dances like a pro.

Too bad I kinda suck when it comes to communicating with him cos my chinese is horrible.

Clarence. One of the funny kids i know. Never fails when it comes to making me laugh.. He's jokes are sooo like my older bro's. Extremely witty and sarcastic. Maintains a straight face while pullin' perfect jokes.


I'll post more pictures tomorrow. Don't want my lappy hangin' due to an overload of camwhoring images.

K listen up. Due to the recent crappy results I got for a particular assignment, I've made a promise. Something I'd try to keep. So guys, help me with it - During lessons in school, I will TRY my best to do my works and assignments until lessons end. I will put in my best in whatever assignments that I have to do. I will try not to do last minute works UNLESS assignments were given at the last minute.

I want to score in my assignments.

Getting just a B+ is killin' me.