Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hi guys! :D

Sooo... I've just got them stickers printed earlier today. FRESH and still warm!
Good news IS...

I'm giving them out FREE! Yeah. I said FREEE :D
Start jumpin'...!

So guys and gals, if you'all want some, I'm willing to mail them to you. Just send me your house address(via email please. And don't worry I'm not gonna rob your house or anything trust me).

Look to the right side of my blog for my email add.
I'll limit my stickers to 10 per person so PLEASE get yours quickly and don't ask for more :D

This offer lasts 'til end September. COUNTED TO THE SECOND (so 11:59am still counts).
Of course it wouldn't be my last offer so those who missed the date can still checkk back again some other time soon.

SUPPORT!! It's free. I'm losing the money anyway. Not you XD