Saturday, October 13, 2007

Love thy pangolin

New sticker set. (no, the snapple bottle cap isn't a sticker. it's just to compare sizes.)

Ah i went through trouble at the post office. It was horrrible.
To keep a looong story short, the post office's main door closed because they thought nobody else was inside.
I ended up exploring the place for another exit and next thing I knew, I was in the HUGE and busy room (STAFF ONLY) where they sort out the envelopes and mails.

It was really kinda huge that when i opened the door and just stood at the doorway, nobody noticed me. Staff were running about doing their stuff, it was crazy.

Of course that gave me the opportunity to find the exit and get out of the post office by the back which really was meant for the staff.

Yet another mail i got from Japan! So cute.
Will be adding some stickers he sent into my blackbook.

Also, I got so inspired by an artist today I feel I MIGHT just be getting the creative juices back and getting characters out of my brain!
PLUS, caleb my buddeh showed me some of his magic of story telling. SO there. I WILL, MUST, SHALL write the greatest story ever told for my future creatures (hopefully better than caleb).
No, really.

Watch this space PLEASE guys!

Because Mobo's gonna be PLUSHED VERY SOON!

Please don't notice me anymore. Wanna just be as invisible as I was before.