Sunday, January 20, 2008


Completely random drawing. He's supposed to be sitting and reading but what the heck.
Did this because I wanted to blog here and I always try to accompany my posts with works.

Beeen reallllly busy because I just completed several books. Don't ask me what they're for, don't ask me why. Because you'll laugh when you hear it. I laughed as well. Not aloud or at anyone's faces.
But anyway, it's done. Over. No more. Finished.
And I'm glad because I took AGES making those books. It was done by hand, not printed because I was supposed to try to save cost.
And NO printing shop would ever wanna do this kinda work anyway. It wasn't just a regular book. The inside pages were of a different length than the outside.
And even if I managed to find a printing shop willing to do it, they'd prolly charge me 50$ per book.
I did it with my dad. Skipped lunch and all. Wasted millions of paper.

I promise you me and my dad felt totally sinful wasting all that.
You don't just waste paper doing that. You waste precious time.

But then again, who cares right? I'm the one doing it.
I can do with that.
No big deal.

'Artistic talent' is needed to cut, fold, paste and compile.

I think that was the smartest thing to say.

Anyway, school work has been pushed aside the past week. I guess it's gonna be the same next week and the week after.
I really hope I don't blow studio project.
I thought maybe I could get a higher GPA and better grades since we're gonna be streamed this semester but I guess not.
Life has been horrible.