Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Okaay probably the last post 'fore I leave SG. Going a few places this holiday.
Need a bit of break.
If I can't motivate myself to do work, then I've got zero right to motivate anyone else.

School ended end Feb.
SP2 done. On the surface it looks I did fine. In fact, it looks I did good even.
Just hope it's really gonna be as simple and as straightforward as that.
I still find something missing though.

It's like... this end semester project is REALLLLLY nothing compared to last sem.
Just do work like 3hrs a day all the way until the end of the project and you're done.
It can't even be compared to the usual school homework.
Kinda scary to finish 4 days before the deadline and spend the rest of SP days having fun. Too much fun. Of course we can all say it's part of work though. Sort of. I believe so. >___>

Anyway, I've had damn goood fun doing the whole exp series for FRESH FACE.
mm. About this work. The above expression is the... okaay it's the...
It's the kinks virus expression

O____O *bubble pops*
The more I got carried away with this, the more... funny it got.
Like... why the hell are you staring at me like that?
Can you like... shuzz your mouth..?
But it's a cute character. And I like the expression that way.
Though I feel I could definitely have worked abit more on everything else.
Esp the background.

So here's to you all anyway.
And to CancerSell.org