Monday, April 14, 2008

Gettin it back

Took slightly more than 2 hours for each and about 3 and a half hrs for the second panel with the family... and dog. Yeah that's actually a dog.
I sent it to my friend asking her to CC for me.

'That's a dog by the way. Not an.. alien or whatever....just so you know."

After she opened up the image:

"So... like dog as in.. woof woof? .... or dog like..."

"... yes, woof woof."

"oh............ okay.. hmm."

So yeah, I already know I screwed the dog.

But anyway, I think i've taught MY dog how to slide and glide with me.. >___>
For people who don't get it, don't try.
Maybe I'll show a video. *cough*

"You flow like crazy"