Friday, November 28, 2008

A collaboration between 56 international artists from all over the world.
Limited Edition.
(And it's just 9$ not including shipping)

Purchase to be made within the next 15hours.
(That's based on the current time of this post. The above is just a screenshot I did earlier on in the day.)

The money collected will be used to raise funds for MOVEMBER, a charity that's helping to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer which claims the lives of many men each year all over the world.

Check out the different artists who contributed in the making of this tee at

PS. Just in case you're looking for the original work that I contributed as part of the tee design above, you won't see it here, because I've stopped posting raw digital artworks on this blog.

Thank you all for the many opportunities and also the support.

Greatly, greatly appreciated.

Next off, the festival is coming uppppp.