Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oldies and some thoughts

Older works from last time.. about.... a year ago.

I miss doin' what i do.

SO anyway, my purpose for posting today...
I'll write it here since a number of you'all visit my blog frequently.(Thank you guys.)
If you'all meet anyone advertising some slimming and facial product stuff for you to drink or apply or do crap and slams you for being imperfecto because youre this or youre that, please don't let them continue slammin' you; i'm not sayin this exact thing happened.

BUT PLEASE if anyone ever points out that you sick or you dumb or fat or ugly or you whatever whether directly or indirectly, don't let them push you.

Because these people just show disrespect. They think they're mighty and they're better.

Ego writes cheques their body can't cash so please, deal with them

Just so you'all know, I'm not mad or angry or anything, it's just to remind you guys, that lettin such people get their way doesn't help much. At least give a shot in trying to change things.

When you meet such people, go back and cheer even louder, because sometimes, it's better to be bold than to be circumspect ;)