Monday, July 23, 2007

Fleshi and Gummi

This is?

Inspiried by artist SAMWITHHAM aka 5-AM.
Actually it's just a random doodle I did in class durin' my color theory lesson after I saw SAMWITHHAM futzin' around in photoshop. His creature was very cool and I don't know but I liked the colors as well. Very fleshy kinda color.
A lil' gross but it was good.
Maybe this whole color madness has gotten into me.

This is.

And friends, loved ones and unknown ones, please
EMAIL me if you've got any inquires of my art and blog and stufffies.

You know, comments, critics and hellos on tagboard. Questions by emails( 'less of cus it's just one question or so ).

You get it.

This is.