Thursday, October 11, 2007


My Blackbook


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Love from tigapics collective.

Okay time for the tag thing.

1. Post these rules in your journal so others know how it works.
2. Post 8 random facts about yourself in your blog.
3. At the end of your post, tag 8 more people to learn some random things about.
4. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

Tagged by Gary, Jo, Jason and Steph... T_T

1. I let my dogs seal the envelopes and lick the stamps sometimes when i'm mailing stuff.

2. I have a stalker and i have no idea who he is. He follows me around my estate.

3. I just learnt that people who often suffer heartbreaks are more likely to get heart attacks. i think.

4. I'm multi tasking now. Blogging, on the phone, msn-ing, replying mails and notes, watching tv, thinking of 4 more other random facts. All this while carrying my dog.

5. I like to read. I've already read 24 Literature books this year(so far). About 45o pages in average per book. But they're not like Macbeth and such.

6. I like people who live for the moment, know how to chill and never ever seem to feel sad or angry. People who know how to live and laugh. Crazy people ^^

7. I'd go back to Philippines anytime even if it means taking a million more jabs for hepatitis A or B or C or whatever typhoid fever jab.

8. Finally. I started blogging at 11.15pm and it's 12.46 now.

I tag whoever likes getting tagged for whatever reason.

Hey one more thing, Mobo plushie in the making!