Monday, October 8, 2007

Love from =2tone=

I'm guessin the place is somewhere in Fresno, California USA.
Somewhere only we knoww.... wherever.

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Flick by =2tone= (Edited a little cos the image was kinda blue, he took it in the morning)

NEXT STOP. JAPAN! Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyoto, I don't know!

Ah i wanna go find the snow monkey there. I say they're friggin ADORABLE.

Oh and....
If you'all wanna get your stuff there, mail me your stix! (Email me for my address.)
Hurry because I'm not entertaining late stuff. I'll pack and go. Send in by END OCTOBER please! ;)

Cheerz matez,
Thankz matez,

Peaze OUTZ matez!
*Ah words from my D-D-DOPE bro.