Monday, October 15, 2007

Mailbox surprise

Check out what I found in the mailbox today:

It's the best thing in the world. Almost 90 stickers. Plus there were badges.
Plus guess what?
It wasn't even a sticker trade. GIFTS!
Never felt so good on a rainy day!

I just NEED to get him something since I've always been quite hysterical over his works.

And I've printed more stickers today. Cheryl that means I can trade with you. Those who like my stix, mail me for a trade. MAIL and don't do anything else thanks.

Also, I've received several emails in spanish and french and german and whatever. I HAVE NO IDEA what you guys are saying. I can only recognise an address obviously because of the numbers and country like for example:

santiago chile.

And whatever else you guys wrote in the email, I cannot understand. I only understand basic stuff like "cambio de stickers" or "echange stickers" or "handel stickers" and whatever words that can gimme a clue that you'd like to trade with me. But when you peeps type long sentences and want me to try to understand them, I really can't do anything. I know it's not your fault we don't speak the same language and stuff. Try to keep your sentences short. Maybe I can understand better.

It's fine if you wish to type in spanish because a friend can help translate that but... french, german etc.... hard. And google doesn't help much :(

And ONE more thing, I'm sorry if I might sound like I'm really unfriendly, but at the meantime I'd appreciate it if you guys don't add me on msn UNLESS you wanna talk to me about art related stuff and not because you wanna know me personally. Do email me for stickers and such but don't ADD me on msn to talk about anything unrelated to art, maybe next time when I actually know some of you people better.

Art is fine. I would really like to meet more people with a similar passion but please, nothing else unless I'm familiar with you. Thanks and sorry.

Thanks again gene and gary dinosaur for the company at sunshine plaza :)