Friday, October 19, 2007


Ehh new scanner. Couldn't help posting some quick sketches. I've got a few more, about 8 or so done durin the school hols so i thought i'd just post something before i start gettin reeeally busy :)

Ref used.

Anywayy, Hope i still have time to print some stickers for trades. I'm running out of stix and money. And I thoroughly envy people with waterproof ink printers at home hmm XD
I have yet to buy Computer Arts Projects.

Oh and to some of you guys who might be interesteddd, Nik Ainley aka shinybinary's works was featured in issue 91. Showed how he did abit of his stuff here and there.
Sorry I don't mean to promote his art here, but I can't help it after the lecturer showed his art to us. I've been in love with his works since about 2005. Watched his stuff everyday after.

I'm supposed to upload somemore sticker pasteups but i'm lazy to edit them so some other day. Thanks to the respective traders for the slappin and flix.

When you're down, look around and you'll see,
I am with you.