Saturday, November 3, 2007

Free Art Exibition and an Apology

These Mobos are..... grey. And it's not photoshopped that way. I'm not messing around with the saturation to give it funny effects. They were colourful in my thumbdrive but after they went through the printer......
... now they look like a cross between an elephant and a mushroom.
But I love them anyway because they're special.

So here's what I did with them :
Got some good old cardboard. Tore them apart and started paintin and having fun with them. Yeah whatever, I said before i did horrible in color theory classes.
One important thing to take note, and that's to always keep your workplace neat. Like mine.


So as I wait for the paint to dry on the cardboard, I tag the back of it since I know there isn't really much space to do it at the front.

And there you have em, tacked nicely on my ugly house wall!

But there're not gonna be up there permanently though because these will be mailed to Seattle where the Free Art Exhibition's gonna be held come late Jan to early Feb. Exhibition date hasn't yet been confirmed.

The purpose of the Free Art Exhibition in Seattle is to spread awareness that art does not have to be ridiculously expensive and it can simply be just for fun and love. It doesn't always have to appeal to the masses or necessarily have to have any form of political or worldly message.

Important thing is, you do what you like, and you like what you do. You achieve what YOU set yourself to achieve as an individual.

Free Art is a gift to the public and an opportunity to make someone's day.


I am sorry.

So I said I'd mail the stickers on Friday which I didn't and I can't even remember why because......

ANYWAY, I was supposed to mail em today(saturday) but the stupidest thing happened. I told myself I'd mail them in the morning before going to school. So I woke early, sorted out the sticker packs and then I thought, "mm school first. stickers later. PRIORITISE PLEASE."

So instead, I rushed to schoool and OF COURSE, crap happened, something happened blah blah and I couldn't do my animation.

Checked the time.
'12.46pm. I can still mail stickers if I rush back.(since the post office closes at 1300.)'

Checked my wallet.
No $$ for a cab.

I took a bus and by the time I reached the post office...


shit it.

I seriously promise to mail the packs on monday. See the picture, I've sorted out the packs...


I can get the world into this.