Friday, November 2, 2007

Some slapping by friends

mm.. I'm not sure of some of the stickers of this combo but here goes to what i know:
tigapics, VLT CREW, super.rafaela, suspecto, =2 tone=, whitedogbobby, CCC, mayor, jack, el chriso, 7-AD, (and others).

Above combo by tigapics.

OH, NO! JOHN! , speak cryptic, lazynachos, phooker, =2 tone=, 7-AD, whoischill

Above combo by phooker.

14 Bolt, Oh, No! John!, C.13, Boost, 7-AD, Lazy Nachos, Suspecto, WU?, =2 Tone=

Above combo by =2 tone=.

I sent the last pack out on monday this week. About 10 in all. Will be sending the next lot tomorrow, Friday.

cheers and Happy Hallowe'en.