Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Your trash, my treasure.

12 x 12 inch Canvas for the Peel Here '07 Exhibition.
The Mobo looks a lil weird cos the eyes are too close. He looks smart now. And that's not cute.
I've never been able to get accurate in my drawings and paintings on canvas which is really sad.
Here's the truth, I only managed a C5 for my art in sec school.
But who cares. Nobody. I'll tell you guys more about it next time.

On the whole it took me about 4 hrs to do this spread within 2 days.
So there, fruits of my futzin. It was enjoyable doing this! I had great fun.

Now what I need is money to get more paint and canvases.

Here's a can I painted. Might prolly use it for Free Art Friday or decoration. It depends on how much space I've got on my shelf... which is not much as you can see below.

I've got quite a number more cans to play with. Recycled stuff. I do art on anything I lay my hands on.

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Note that PLEASE. XD

I've done a few already but I've still got to fine tune them. Will post some stuff when it's done :)

Ooh. I just realised from this picture it so happens you can see the green Mobo just 'side the blue. And I said I'd take a photo of it before.
So there you go. You get to see like... half of his face.

Am I screwed this Saturday or what?