Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas for the 1001 time!!

You know, I REALLLY don't enjoy doing skulls and all. I'd much rather do more act cute kiddy illustrations then skulls so the above is what you get trying to mix the two-
a yellow squid-looking skull.

Because a banana just died.
And erm.
His spirit rose. okaay.

And the orange thing at the corner is... it's an orange.
There's actually a reason for it looking constipated. Trust me there is.
I just have to think of one.

So that was a corner piece that's something off what I'm currently working on. The background is temporary because I slack. Alot. I'm also trying my best to treat it more like a personal-trying-to-waste-time-during-the-hols piece than school work.
Or maybe. a christmas-bluesss piece. Whichever.
Because I really am quite sad to see christmas decors being removed along the street, in shop displays..

Good thing is, I know a group of artists putting christmas decors up now so that christmas can last a lil' longer. Like now. Now. Huge group. Huge project. So I'm guessing they'll do fine.
Wanna join? Lemme know.

Bad things is, this isn't happening in Singapore
Then again, why should I be waiting for people to come over? Why not just start it here and now?
Because Singapore is too frikkin hot for anything.

So. mm. Merry Christmas!! again


I am STILL sorry for not replying emails yet. I'm changing a tee shirt supplier. Have yet to do some negotiations. ^^ Wanna get your shirts cheaper right? Then please bear with me. Especially those ordering in bulk and need the shirts asap.
I am so so sorry.
But school work first.