Friday, January 11, 2008


So here's the funny eye color piece just for fun.
About 4hrs work.

I was like super enthu to do some vector stuff after I came back from Japan. 2 weeks of not touching the tablet didn't make me feel comfortable.

Gonna have to refine this work because the composition is horrible.
Everything's floating.

SO anyway, I been dead busy this week (I still am) but since I'm done with silly animation, I'll take some time out to post some updates.

I've been receiving a number of... unexpected sticker packs. Either that or I totally forgot about it. I hope not. But if I did, mail me and I'll get back... soon.

Another thing, I'd like a hold on shirt requests. Badges, commissions and collab requests can still go on. Shirt supplier's been changed so please (really) stop asking me for whatever funny and weird details YET.
To people who sent me mails but didn't get a reply, you either asked me too silly a question OR I haven't got the time... mm or maybe I don't even know the answer myself.... yup.

I'll be starting on my first collab work for the year. I understand I'm more than 10 days late so i'll come up with something tonight.

Hopefully it's fresh.