Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mobo goes VINYL?

Ups by billikid, hailing from the US.

With combos like that, the whole 'art or vandalism' dispute can be buried a thousand feet below.

Anyway, my reason for posting.
I'v been busy (I still am) with a few projects at hand.

Currently working on an 18x18 inch canvas which loooks fab >___>
Something that I have to finish my mid april which isn't really a lot of time since I'll be leaving again this friday.
Ah then again, it's all for a good cause.

Other than that, I Got Wood.
It's currently blank, in all it's naked glory.
I'm gonna have to find some time out to do this project.

Now I remember I have one or two more project stuff to do but I can't even remember.

Some magazines going on... some stuff here and there...


If I did a toy of Mobo (VINYL), my character, what would you guys be thinking?
I know I've done away with the comments for my blog but... mail me or something!
Because the last time Mobo went PLUSH, i've had a number of requests sent to my mail wondering if I was ever gonna mass produce it.

So PLEASE PLEASE mail me :)