Tuesday, April 1, 2008



My shoulders hurt like CRAZY!
Even wearing.... is killing me.

AND. It's making it difficult as crap to sleep. I feel so pathetic.

But on the brighter side (not for me), I've managed to wake early (not surprising since I can't even sleep) to do some ART.
To finish everything up by mid april and to send every pack out as soon as I can.

But whatever.
Because my shoulder hurts and I wanna rant and I've closed my personal blog to do it.
I hope and pray like crazy I get better before my next trip to the beach. Otherwise I'll prolly be staying indoors reading and feeling pissy.
I'm like that.

Yeah anyway, that was a quick update. To art folks, pay no mind to what I said, just know that I'm on my way with my art projects.

Slowly, but surely.

I'll cure.