Saturday, April 26, 2008

Patience please

Handphone image.
Painting for a hostel. Still incomplete and looking really bad so far.

My purpose for blogging, I haven't been checking my emails and replying them on time. I'm super sorry, I don't know why but life's been a bit hectic. Not really because of school.
So, would appreciate it if you guys understand when I turn down offers or trades or collabs or whatever invitations.
And for people who rush me to mail them their toys or artworks that you've commissioned, would also appreciate that you guys wait for it. International mailing can take up to 3 weeks to get to you guys so rushing me isn't gonna make anything faster.

And for other stuff that I've got no excuses to give, I'm sorry. You guys can kill me with your hate mails or something. No, I'm kiddding, I don't want hate mails.

On another note, I CRIED today. SERIOUSLY.
lolol but it was kinda funnyyyyy, crying and feeeling stupid altogether after some smes.
People prolly thought I broke with bf or something like that. Or someone passed away. Or that my dogs lost their way home.

What for?