Friday, April 18, 2008


Very very extremely random.
It's not because his legs are short, believe me, although it looks like it is in my drawing.

This is not random.
Just trying this out for school homework before I really do it in the sketchbook for school that I have yet to buy. This done in my own personal book instead.

Anyway, I just wanna say I am screwed.
Went to MPH. Why did I go to MPH even though I know everytime I enter a bookshop I'd end up buying something 80% of the time?
I think someone needs to confiscate the book from me.
But then again, this book is CRAZY.
Super hooked already

Really, if I had to choose two places to live in every single day and be stuck there forever, which means no leaving the place EVER( and I can't choose my house), the first two places that'd come to mind -

Art Friend.

Just tell me