Sunday, October 12, 2008


Thee! Not any thees or thous but THEEEE!!!
What a deck.
Thank thee very much.

Recently did an interview for a friend's final year project.
Actually, it wasn't recently but some time ago.
I said I'd post it up soon.
And that was also some time ago.
I'll post the emailed version here.
Some time soon.

hahahhahahahahhaha my brain feels like it's been squashed.

Now if you've got a skateboard that's a goner, lemme know so i'll do it up.
I'm not exactly ready to break both of mine.

Also, I currently owe about 17602343843 sticker packs (If it can't be that number then it's gotta be more).
I just mailed out about 30packs.. So what I'm left with...
You do the math.
Brain currently on stand by mode.