Monday, November 10, 2008


Hello all,

To everyone of you guys who check back so often, just wanna inform all, that I've been up with a few fairly awesome... goodness. Most of which are for a good cause.
(so support guys!)

Just watch out for it.
Think "Reasonably priced EXTREMELY limited edition designer wear".
Sound good to all?

But like I said, watch out for it, because it's gonna get snapped reaaaaaallly quick.
This isn't a marketing tactic. Trust me on this.


I would like to thank my one and only boss.
It's awkward enough that you visit my blog, but really, without you I wouldn't be so busy having two jobs and all.
Solid enough.
I'll count you as my only boss even if you fire me or if I go some place else.
Because you, are the bomb.
Oh, and welcome to the Saturday sushi clubbers.
Please be kind to JP now :)
And please also, can you just give us your handwriting font without anyone getting seriously hurt?