Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Yet another insane combo by billykid.

Billi Kid's contribution to Outside In at the Carlton Arms hotel. If you're in town on November 1, stop by The Carlton Arms Hotel NYC to see how CERN YMI, Jim and Karla Murray, Elisha Cook Jr. and Billi Kid mix it up in a hotel room. Too bad I can't.

FULLVIEWWW GOODNESS. I've got two stickers there. Spot if you wanna! XD

Another thing, I wanna thank whoever keeps sending my stickers in for me to events such as these. I didn't know until I saw this mad combo and it made me feel really happpy. Thank youu so much. It means alot. Even though my stickers there look really small and irrelevant, it's still good to see something there from me.

Thanks to billykid for the pasteups!!