Saturday, November 24, 2007

I am just half alive.

Broadway Kansas City USA!

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Thanks to "Resistor" for the ups. ;)

Harajuko - Tokyo Japan!

7 AD, Colante, ConStruCtion VS. Romer, Tax, MoMo Chan, Fetch, aLLAYa, Fokused, Fixxa, Foob, The Walters, MJ inc., IS3T!

Dihtag for the combo :)

So anyway, I went to print invitation cards for my churchh along with some stickers after getting some funds from a recent commission. Yeeeah.
But yeah after the printing I'm back to being broke. 50$ for the invi cards and 30plus$ for the stickers.
After that, I rushed off to grab my bag which I left in church because it's just next to the place where I went off to print. I reached church realising I left my wallet in the printing shop. I've forgotten my wallet billions of times. And so, for the billionth time, I managed to get it backk.

I was THAT broke I couldn't bother rushing down to retrieve it. The only thing that got me going back was because I had two of my favourite local artists sigs in there that I didn't wanna lose.

But good news, the post i made last night got me 4 commissions.
Bad news is, I AM DEAD BUSY. School work is PILING because I've been rushing designs for church. Prioritise right???? Church comes first? Followed by school? And lastly clients?

I need to do a Church camp shirt by Sunday.
Attend short meeting on sunday 2-5pm.
Get a digital work fully done and printed and finish my Typography work by Monday.
School ends 9pm every monday.
Owe two animation assignments(one of them was due last weeek!), 15 panels for story boarding and come up with some character designs by Tuesday.
Finish up 10 drawings I owe the teacher by thursday. Half was due last weeek!
Rush the 2 poster designs for the car company and JC by friday.

God somebody hear me.
How on earth can I do everything without them being sloppy and badly done?
And my neck and back hurts from cutting 100 invi cardds manually. T_T

.... am i actually RANTING at 4 in the am??!

So goodnight.

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