Friday, November 23, 2007


Mmm this evening was interesting. I was stalked by a boy who came up the same bus I was in and got off the same stop I got off and walked allll the way to my block...

...before finally plucking up the courage to ask for my number.
8 numbers??!

guy: Excuse me can I ask you a question? I wanna know you. Be your friend.

me: Er. that's not a question

guy: Okay then can I be your friend?

me: No.


In my head, I was laughin like crazy. He shouldave asked for the number in the bus! Not like I wouldave given him a different answer. But it would definitely save him the trouble of getting off the bus riiight.


Ah anyway:

That's the sticker packs mailing receipt.
THAT's why I'm BROKE.
I didn't even get to eat breakfast and even after that, I could only afford cup corn for lunch.
And dinner was yesterday's leftover. although that actually still tasted good.

So here's a SHOUTOUT to everyone (EXCEPT PERSONAL FRIENDS) who reads my blogg and who loves my artt. I need some support. Commissions are open. again.

A6 Cardboard Art: S$3
A5 Cardboard Art: S$5
Two 6x7in Colored stickers along with 10 other stickers : S.A.S.E +S$3
CD art: $3

Note: Above prices not inclusive of the mailing price. And that would depend on the weight of item.

Email me if you'd like to support. Include how you'd like your mode of payment to be. I won't be doing toys or tees like I did before because I don't have the time for that at the moment but if you'd like something going, lemme know and I'll compromise.


If you've got some scrap, feel free to send some stuff over. Stuff that I can do some art on. Like coasters or whatever. Email me for my house address and in the email, lemme know what you're planning to send over. Yeeahh.

This one some of you guys have seen before.
But this one's a scanned version. And an example of my freestyle art which is really just crazy doodling....... which I'll be mailing over to someone because he/she asked.
Sorry I don't know your gender D:

But thanks for the support!!

And here's something for my churchhh. I dunno why the colors look kinda desaturated here.
It's an invi card for a camp... which i'm unable to attend..... D:

The design, to me, looks kinda kiddy especially because of the blue and the red but... i'm tired.... very very.. and i spent ages on the bkground. AGES. So please forgive me. I owe the teacher homework because of that.

Now I've got two more posters due next week. Commissioned stuff. One for some car company and another for a Junior College. Yeeeeahh.

See you'all!
Show some love and support! Commission me! Friends not included. Don't ask me why. I've always found commissioning friends reallly weird :/

But that's just me ;)