Monday, November 19, 2007

Italy, Chile and the USA!


The flicks and slaps above are by ohnojohn.

Florencia ITALY!
Checkk out the background.

I don't think I've ever been up there before. "I" referring to my stickers.
For myself, that's a different story.

Thanks friend for the ups! ;)

coo*, 7-ad, cius, perfecto enemigo, thee

Flickked and slappped by coo*

My friend said to me today that my stickers have travelled to places I've never been before. Places like south africa, chile, poland, holland, brazil and even mexico.
It's like a representation of me being there.

And maybe, all in all, that's what makes sticker trading so enjoyable.

Okay checck this. I know I've uploaded this before but there's something new. But before that, here's a recap:

space, mump, 14 bolt, bytedust, ader, we are watching, 2-tone, 7-ad, ska51, theory propaganda, cede, seventh letter crew, radioactive man, phook, broke arms, c-13, 14 bolt, boost, chikiyo, billikid, abart, odel, peel, ciah, bell, visual narcotics

Combo by Deremony.

Now checkk this:

The whole box is in the back of a car and here's the reason:

That box, got replaced with a brand new shiny blackk one. What happened to this piece of art is that it got thrown into a dumpster. That's sad.

But the good thing is, theory picked it up and got the beauty back home. He'll be finding some place to put this up in a gallery or for an exhibition. If anyone's got something going on, lemme know and maybe I can hook you up with deremony. Until then it stays home as an awesome deco.

Thanks to Deremony for saving the box.

Like I said, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Another thing guys, don't add me on msn unless I know you fairly well or you'd like to speak to me about art. Read the bold words in my October post here for those who still can't quite get it.
Like i said, I don't mean to be mean or rude. I like you guys for liking my art. But it's really hard to entertain if everyone adds me up like that.

Hope for an understanding. ;)