Sunday, November 18, 2007

SG - Phonebooth invasion in BUGIS


I've given myself a short break before I get back to my workk. So here are some stuff I'd like to share:

Stix on the left side:

.super.rafaela., blackink, VLT, nautii, delme, resistor, flosinski, elephantspaceman, tiddas

Stix on the right:

2tone, 7-ad, epikgraphics, RYL, OH, NO! john!, lazynachos, 14BOLT, DAVE, diane, tigapics, phooker, Dihtag.


4 people completely invaded the phonebooth today. Hot.


I just realised how much I truly suckk in photoshop. There are so many things I kinda wish I knew how to do but don't. I've been working on this piece forever but what keeps happening is that my com hangs or lags so often.
And everytime that happens I feel like crying because I have a badd baddd habit of not saving my work when i get so carried away D:

And that suckss badly.

Now back to workk...
G'night :)

I'm waiting. Step in.