Sunday, November 18, 2007


NYC 21st Street!

Like always, HUGE combo by Billikid, the guru of crazy combos.
Click the image. You have to see it big.

Stickers by:

Azione VS Booty, Lord Leigh (MONO), Sparky Superfly, Resistor, Peel Here, Kandycore, Discoshit, Riot68, The GC Four, 14Bolt, The Slobtastik One, buildmore, =2 Tone=, roy_gbl, TheOneVis, Wheeler Lifton, nasty guy, Ceito ATV VS Bytedust, tors is dead!, XNY, ..CASPA..DBK.., El Bokom, trashisfesch, Deremony!, ToyEater, 7-ad, biafrainc, budacrew, Evots, (JK.), crevicecreeps, Orticanoodles, MORG, SNUB23, plop_tsfkrew, DRYPnz, Theory Propaganda, Ticky™, Be@K>o3, Subhumanoid, Under Water Pirates, bazooka bill!, *Abuze420*, Hargo, artoo_r2, .ELNA, MD-FCB-CAF, riot68fan, fixxa, .88 Proof, xnhungx, JShine, Josh?, COLANTE, Epik, Bo Neminus, LARE.imc, orphinator!, SAM CHOI, Blurble (kidtv), Guar, Messy Menk, Billi Kid, RobotsWillKill, sketch3030, lazynachos and reetbot.

I've received my stickers from him just recently and they're beautiful.
He's really quite generous with his stix.
Billikid is just great and I owe him much thanks ;)