Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Peel Here '07

So I heard Peel Here 07 was fun.
Now I wished I lived in LA.

Busy start of the week. Dumb clients. That just about sums up my life currently.
But it's too bad. Need the money for further education riiight...
Not like I spend them on clothes. I stopped doing that like 3 years ago.
Maybe next time you'll see. I don't know.

Talking about that, I learnt that lots of us are sponsored by our parents.
Lucky. Veryyy lucky.
I felt like someone just threw a bowling ball on my head.
You know they say how truth can really hit you hard in the head. Yeeeah. Like that.

On a brighter note, I'll be getting about 300$ by the end of the week. So at least my hard work pays off.
Hopefully I can save enough to continue specialisation in visual comm classes in NAFA.
Stuff like thats been bugging me these days.

And people, take note:

I'll be turning down invitations for art exhibitions because of the lack of time. and money.
And for the last and final time, commissions are closed. To be frank, it's not that I received a lot of requests after already closing it. I only received about 2 or 3 more since it was closed. But to others who are planning on commissioning me, don't. Not yet.
Unless I open it again.


And YAYYYYYYYYYY I'll be going white water rafting sooon!!! I asked some school mates but they didn't really seem keen enough. It's okaaaaay.

SO... I asked the crazy nutters. And of course, kids like us NEVER SAY NOOO when it comes to stuff like that.
Now I think there is really NO place that I fit better in compared to being part of retard kids.

'Ciao' is italian. Don't be stupid.