Friday, December 7, 2007

School, Clients, Commissions

Probably the most... brainless design I've ever come up with.
Sad. But true.
It's what happens when you're rushing to meet the deadline with homework and other matters in your mind.

You come home about 10pm from school, have dinner, and wash up.
Settle some stuff and start designing at 1am.
You try to complete the above tee shirt design so that it can be printed early the next day.
You're thinking about your school work that's supposed to be submitted tomorrow as well. One that you've been doing almost since the time lessons first started.
You think so much you start coming out with crappy designs.
It's 3am.
You finally finish the design.
Now for school work.
You keep erasing.
Sharpening the pencil.

When you hear your handphone ringing, you give up.

Client. fish.

I've already sent you the design. Last week.
Yah but can make changes to it? I'd like to add...
When do you need it?
Tomorrow morning. Sorry very last minute.

You hang up.
It rings again.

Hello? Your phone got problem?
.......... yeeaah.
You still got keep the design? Help me add...
I'll mail it to you...... tomorrow morning. I reeeally need to sleep.
And in future, please when I ask you to review, review it right away. Don't give me this... bye.

It's almost 4 in the am. School work's still waiting.
You open Illustrator.

File>Open> *****