Saturday, December 8, 2007


So because of the lack of cash, I've got some good souls sending me things.. Things I can paint on or whatever. Things like, a Pringles! cover.

So thank you for that. I've got no idea who some of you guys are. But it's probably people whom I've given stickers to in the past or have commissioned me before.
Otherwise... how else would they have gotten my house address riiight...

Anyway, the cover above is just a quick job. Acrylic paint and marker. Going out to someone who commissioned me. Along with a few stickers and cardboard art. and badges which i'll talk about later.

Slowly but surely, I'm finishing up my commissions. About 4 more and I'm done.

Okaay finally.
I'll be selling these. 35mm in diameter. They're not for free.
But if you're trading stickers with me, I'll add some badges in.

Pangolin Love badge!

This whole pangolin thing is from my dad. Pangolin lover he is.
So this design was created. Meant to make it a shirt design for him.
Never did. Not yet. Soon. I think.


10 badges for $15.
Assorted designs.

Note : Price excludes mailing charge for overseas orders.
Mail me for enquires on payment etc.