Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I like this.

18x18 inch canvas for CancerSell DONE!
(I'm sorry for the lousy quality shot)

Detailed shot.
Acrylic and painty markers on canvas

I hope I'll bring a little bit of happiness to the person buying this :)

The type of place I only see in my dreams.

Now part of my wide wide collection of tribal bracelets.

A few more projects left to get done before school starts next week.
I'm not feeeling good about school. My confidence in animation is like...
I don't know how I got an A when I really struggle with it so badly.
This is serioussss and I am scared as hell.
I'll really need alot of help. And don't anyone tell me I'm lying because really, I'm not.
No confidence. Zero.
Not when it comes to animation.

So, yeah. Pray for me. For real.

I've been living a damn good life lately. Holiday after holiday.
I feeeeel... addicted to getaways.